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FAO Statistical Yearbook vol 2, 1


The FAO Statistical Yearbook is published annually in two separate issues: the first providing data by topic for all countries, and the second providing data for each country covering all topics. This publication is Volume 2, Issue 1, and Volume 2, Issue 2, on CD-ROM.

A system of integrated agricultural censuses and surveys
FAO Statistical Development Series 11


The World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2010 (WCA 2010) is intended to assist countries in the conduct of their national census of agriculture. It provides guidance on the integrated system approach to agricultural censuses and surveys.

FAO statistical yearbook


The FAO Statistical Yearbook is based on data submitted by member countries on questionnaires, supplemented by review of national sources and, where absolutely necessary, staff estimates or imputations to cover critical gaps.

FAO statistical yearbook vol.1


The FAO statistical yearbook, marks an important transition for FAO under it's responsibility for regularly monitoring the global performance of food and agriculture and disseminating relevant information to policy makers as well as other users.

Summary of Food and Agricultural statistics


This publication arose out of a request by the Director-General of FAO to compile a broad range of statistics pertaining to world food and agriculture showing, wherever appropriate, the differences between the developed and developing countries, the continents and the regions.initially the related tables were compiled and regularly updated for [...]