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Compendium of agricultural – environmental indicators
1989-91 to 2000


This publication brings together data compiled and maintained by FAO statistics to derive agricultural-environmental indicators. It presents time series of selected indicators in a logical manner to help policy makers in understanding the state of the agri-environment and assist in framing suitable policies.

Fertilizer use by crop, vol.5


The report generates a large amount of interest because of a lack of published information on application rates and use of fertilizer by crop type. The information in this report is useful to agricultural researchers, fertilizer marketing managers, international agencies, policy makers and various government agencies.

Guidelines on employment: supplement to the programme for the world census of agriculture 2000
FAO Statistical Development Series 5a


This publication is a supplement to the definitions, concepts and standards presented in the Programme for the World Census of Agfriculture 2000. It is intended to help countries generate databases that are internationally comparable.

Food balance sheets - a handbook


The purpose of this handbook is to provide member countries and interested institutions with the basic methodology regarding the preparation of food balance sheets. It is also intended for use in training activities of nationals from developing countries in the construction of food balance sheets.

Technical conversion factors for agricultural commodities


This publication contains technical conversion factors and ancillary information currently used by FAO Statistics to compile commodity balances and supply/utilization accounts for nearly all countries. The main scope of these balances and accounts is ultimately to arrive at approximate estimates of the total availability of food in each country, expressed [...]