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Methods for estimating comparable prevalence rates of food insecurity experienced by adults throughout the world


This report presents a detailed description of the methodology and first results of FAO's Voices of the Hungry project. It provides the theoretical background and detailed description of the statistical methodology used to develop the Food Insecurity Experience Scale (FIES), a new metric for food access at the household and [...]

FAO-OIV Focus 2016 - Table and dried grapes


This report analyses the global market of grapes for direct human consumption (specifically for table and dried grapes). It presents the latest validated data on market size, availability for consumption (‘apparent’ consumption), domestic production, exports and imports since 2000. 

Guidelines for designing and implementing grain stock surveys


This paper is intended for statisticians and managers in national statistics offices wanting to develop or improve survey programmes for the direct measurement of grain and other food stocks. 

Defining smallholders to monitor target 2.3. of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
FAO statistical working paper series 17-12


Despite the central position occupied by smallholder agriculture in the current development debate, a general and operational definition of smallholders still does not exist. The question “what is a small farm?” keeps receiving different answers depending on the context in which is posed.

FAO Statistical Programme of Work 2016-2017


The FAO Statistical Programme of Work (SPW) is a collaborative effort that is overseen by the Chief Statistician and supported by the Inter-Departmental Working Group on Statistics. These two mechanisms ensure strengthened coordination and cooperation on statistical matters and guarantee the high quality of FAO data.