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Intercountry comparisons of agricultural output and productivity
FAO Economic and social development paper 112


The Statistics Division has pioneered efforts in obtaining inter- country comparisons of agricultural output aggregates and the agricultural GDP. Preliminary results of the efforts of the Statistics Division are documented in an earlier publication, Social and Economic Development series No. 61, in 1986.

1980 World Census of Agriculture - Methodological review
FAO Statistical Development Series


This publication is a review of methodological aspects of the national agricultural censuses conducted within the framework of the Programme for the 1980 World Census of Agriculture of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Collecting data on livestock
FAO Statistical Development Series 4


This publication on livestock statistics is intended to assist statisticians in their work. Emphasis is placed on the need to conceptualise data sources within a framework of a national information system which requires standardised concepts.

Manual on fertilizer statistics
FAO economic and social development paper 102


This manual is intended to give a broad description of the fertilizer market and to serve as a guide concerning the statistical methodology for collection, compilation, processing and analysis of national statistics on mineral fertilizers.

Supplement for Africa: Programme for the 1990 World Census of Agriculture
FAO Statistical Development Series 2e


This suppliment provides specific recommendations for countries in Africa for carrying out agricultural censuses. It is part of the Programme for the 1990 World Census of Agriculture.