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Use of household surveys for collection of food and agrictural statistics
FAO Economic and social development paper: 35/provisional


This manual is part of the contribution of FAO in implementing the NHSCP. It is a guide to the collection of agricultural statistics through households, within the context of the programme.

Carryover stocks of cereals 1975 - 1980
FAO Economic and social development paper 21


Stock play an important role in achiving the objectives of world food security by maintaining the continuity of cereal supplies to the consumer and offsetting year to year fluctuation in production.

Estimation of crop areas and yields in agricultural statistics
FAO Economic and social development paper 22


As determinants of crop production, statistics on crop areas and yields have been amongst the most important components of he international statistical activities of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) since its inception.  

1970 World Census of Agriculture
Analysis and international comparison of the results


This publication provides, in an internationally comparable form, a summary of data describing the main characteristics of agricultural structures, such as number and area of agricultural holdings, land tenure, agricultural holders and land use. It contains data from 89 countries.

Farm and input prices: Collection and compilation
FAO Economic and social development paper 16


The main objective of the manual is to assist countries in the improvement of their price statistics including its use in the training of national staff in the collection and compilation of agricultural producer prices.


Global Strategy brochure