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Food and agricultural statistics in the context of a national information system
FAO Statistical Development Series 1


This is the first issue of the FAO Statistical Development Series of manuals. It is aimed to assist countries in planning, developing and operating the statistical component of a national information system for food and agriculture.

Agricultural Census Legislation


This study is divided into three parts. The first part sets out the reasons why specific legislation is needed. The second consists of a comparative study of the main aspects of such legislation. The third part contains the texts of several laws, regulations and similar enactments of various countries and [...]

Socio-economic indicators relating to the agricultural sector and rural development
FAO Economic and social development paper 40


This publication provides a compendium of internationally comparable series of statistical indicators which are currently available using the data bank of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, called the Interlinked Computerized and Processing System on Food and Agricultural Comodity Data (ICS).

Agricultural holdings in the 1970 World Census of Agriculture: a statistical analysis
FAO Economic and social Development Paper 47


The information presented here gives the results of a statistical analysis of the agricultural holdings main characteristics (i.e. distribution of the number and area by size, using the log normal distribution).

Community - level statistics
FAO Economic and social development paper 33


The Statistics Division is re - evaluating all of its Statistical Programme Development Manuals with the intent to formulate a system approach to the planning, developmet and conduct of national statistical programmes for food and agriculture with enphasis on developing countries.


Global Strategy brochure