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Food and nutrition in numbers 2014


This pocketbook focuses on indicators of food security and nutritional outcomes, and also determinants that contribute to healthy lives. It gives thematic spreads related to food security and nutrition and comprehensive country and regional profiles.

The State of Food and Agriculture 2014
Innovation in family farming


More than 500 million family farms manage the majority of the world's agricultural land and produce most of the world's food. We need family farms to ensure global food security, to care for and protect the natural environment and to end poverty, undernourishment and malnutrition. Goals can be thoroughly achieved [...]

Voices of the Hungry brochure
Measuring food insecurity through people's experiences


The FAO initiative Voices of the Hungry measures food insecurity worldwide, using an experience-based tool that can easily be applied in many different contexts.

Now-casting regional consumer food inflation
FAO statistical working paper series 14-07


This paper presents the methodological framework used by FAO’s Statistics Division to now-cast consumer food inflation at regional level. Hybrid ARIMA-GARCH models are estimated for each region, with additional explanatory variables constructed from a large and high-frequency dataset.

Selecting a core set of indicators for monitoring global food security: A methodological proposal
FAO statistical working paper series 14-06


This paper proposes a methodology to select indicators in multidimensional assessments, such as the ones required for the measurement of food security. By linking the overarching objectives of the evaluation to the nature of the indicators, this methodology is able to discriminate among the hundreds of indicators proposed.