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Refinements to the FAO methodology for estimating the prevalence of undernourishment indicator
FAO statistical working paper series 14-05


This paper reports on refinements to the methodology for estimating the prevalence of undernourishment that were adopted during the preparation of the State of Food Insecurity in the World report 2014. 

Advances in hunger measurement: traditional FAO methods and recent innovations
FAO statistical working paper series 14-04


This paper elaborates on some of the methodological aspects linked to assessing food insecurity, with special reference to the practice that FAO has been following in monitoring the state of food insecurity in the world. 

Methodological issues in the estimation of the prevalence of undernourishment based on dietary energy consumption data: A review and clarification
FAO statistical working paper series 14-03


Following a review of developments in undernourishment in a population this paper shows that the formulation of PU within the bivariate distribution framework is inappropriate. Subsequently, the relevance of the univariate approach is clarified. 

CountrySTAT communication strategy


This document outlines the communication strategy for CountrySTAT - a web-based system for food and agriculture statistics at both national and sub-national levels. It supports multiple-sourced data integration and harmonization, according to international standards and contributes to improve data quality and reliability. 

Introduction to item response theory applied to food security measurement
Basic Concepts, Parameters and Statistics


This paper presents basic concepts and mathematics underlying the Rasch model, commonly used to assess food security data.