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Household food wastage in Turkey
Working paper series


Household Budget Surveys, Household Income and Expenditure Surveys and Food Balance Sheets, provide useful data for epidemiological research and for developing National Food and Nutrition Policies.


Food deprivation trends: Mid-term review of progress towards the World Food Summit target
Working paper series


Ten years after the World Food Summit (WFS) and less than 10 years before 2015 (the target year for halving the number of undernourished), the hunger situation in the Developing World still remains of great concern.

Compendium of agricultural – environmental indicators
1989-91 to 2000


This publication brings together data compiled and maintained by FAO statistics to derive agricultural-environmental indicators. It presents time series of selected indicators in a logical manner to help policy makers in understanding the state of the agri-environment and assist in framing suitable policies.

Utilización de fertilizantes por cultivo, vol.5


The report generates a large amount of interest because of a lack of published information on application rates and use of fertilizer by crop type. Theinformation in this report is useful to agricultural researchers, fertilizer marketing managers, international agencies, policy makers and various government agencies.It is also very useful for [...]


2000 World Census: Main Results and Metadata
Statistical Development Series 12


These reports serve as the basis for preparation of internationally comparable data and for methodological studies related to the conduct of an agricultural census. Statistics Division concurrently disseminates through its website the key data on structure of agriculture and related metadata obtained through the country census reports.


Global Strategy brochure