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Undernourisment and critical food poverty : Indicators at national and sub-national levels


Indicators to measure food poverty and undernourishment are useful for understanding food insecurity at national level and within countries. This paper discusses two indicators: proportion of undernourishment, and proportion of critical food poverty. Both indicators are based on nutritional underlying criteria and derived from food consumption and income data collected [...]

Selected indicators of food and agricultural development in the Asia-Pacific region 1999-2009


This is the twenty-sixth issue of the above publication, a comprehensive and detailed compilation of statistics on farming, livestock, fishery, forestry and nutrition in Asia-Pacific countries for the decade 1998-2008. Statistics are listed separately for developing countries (including transition economies) and developed countries in the region.

la situacion mondiale de alimentation et de l'agriculture


Le rapport sur   La situation mondiale del’alimentation et de l’agriculture de cette année est publié à un moment crucial.Le monde traverse des turbulences financières qui ont provoqué un net recul économique.

Tracking results in agriculture and rural development in less-than-ideal conditions


The Sourcebook provides a number of workable approaches for designing an M&E system that would be of greatest relevance to different agricultural and rural development (ARD) activities, projects and programmes, and degree of data availability. A set of 19 priority indicators based on the criteria of compatibility, availability and relevance [...]


Food deprivation trends: Mid-term review of progress towards the World Food Summit target
Working paper series


In his pioneering study carried in the early 1960’s, Sukhatme had formulated the estimate of the prevalence of undernourishment in a population within a bivariate distribution framework where dietary energy consumption (DEC) and dietary energy requirement (DER) are considered as random variables. The evaluation of the formula required the specification [...]

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