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Rural Households’ Livelihood and Well-Being
Statistics on Rural Development and Agriculture Household Income


The handbook is intended for the benefit of various groups concerned with rural development and the evolving nature of the agricultural industry.


Household Food Wastage in Turkey
Working paper series


Household Budget Surveys, Household Income and Expenditure Surveys and Food Balance Sheets, provide useful data for epidemiological research and for developing National Food and Nutrition Policies.

Compendium of agricultural – environmental indicators
1989-91 to 2000


This piblication brings together data compiled and maintained by FAO statistics to derive agricultural-environmental indicators. It presents time series of selected indicators in a logical manner to help policy makers in understanding the state of the agri-environment and assist in framing suitable policies.

Utilisation des engrais par culture, vol.5


The report generates a large amount of interest because of a lack of published information on application rates and use of fertilizer by crop type. Theinformation in this report is useful to agricultural researchers, fertilizer marketing managers, international agencies, policy makers and various government agencies.

Les bilans alimentaires manuel


Ce Manuel a pour objectif de présenter aux pays membres et aux institutions concernées la base méthodologique de la préparation des bilans alimentaires. Il pourra servir également de référence dans les activités de formation à l'élaboration des bilans alimentaires, destinées au personnel national des pays en développement.

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