Statistics working papers

Agriculture, forestry and other land use emissions by sources and removals by sinks
1990-2011 Analysis


This report discusses new knowledge on anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agriculture, forestry and other land use (AFOLU) activities made available through the new FAOSTAT Emission database.

Methodological issues in the estimation of the prevalence of undernourishment based on dietary energy consumption data: A review and clarification


Following a review of developments in undernourishment in a population this paper shows that the formulation of PU within the bivariate distribution framework is inappropriate. Subsequently, the relevance of the univariate approach is clarified. 

Advances in hunger measurement: traditional FAO methods and recent innovations


This paper elaborates on some of the methodological aspects linked to assessing food insecurity, with special reference to the practice that FAO has been following in monitoring the state of food insecurity in the world. 

Refinements to the FAO methodology for estimating the prevalence of undernourishment indicator


This paper reports on refinements to the methodology for estimating the prevalence of undernourishment that were adopted during the preparation of the State of Food Insecurity in the World report 2014. 

Regional food price inflation transmission
FAO statistical working paper series 14-01


Understanding to what extent and speed agricultural commodity price changes on international markets are transmitted to consumers is key in assessing the vulnerability of households to price shocks. This paper provides estimates of the transmission of price changes from international commodity markets to consumers in different regions.

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