FAOSTAT commodity definitions and correspondences

CPC Ver.2 – FCL

Search by Central Product Classification (CPC) Ver.2 item code the correspondences to the FAOSTAT Commodity List (FCL)

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CPC ver.2 code * CPC ver.2 title FCL Item code FCL Title
01214   Lettuce and chicory 0372 Lettuce and chicory
01215   Spinach 0373 Spinach
01216   Artichokes 0366 Artichokes
01219 Other leafy or stem vegetables 0463 Vegetables, Fresh n.e.s.
01219 Other leafy or stem vegetables 0378 Cassava leaves
01221   Watermelons 0567 Watermelons
01229   Cantaloupes and other melons 0568 Melons, Cantaloupes
01231   Chillies and peppers, green (only capsicum) 0401 Chillies and peppers (green)
01232   Cucumbers and gherkins 0397 Cucumbers and gherkins
01233   Eggplants (aubergines) 0399 Eggplants