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Questionnaire on national agriculture and food product classifications

The development of the Questionnaire on National Agriculture and Food Product Classifications was carried out through a broad consultation process that involved FAO statistics, United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) and two pilot countries (Italy and Germany). 

The aim of the questionnaire is to: 

a) assess countries’ practices and the extent to which international standards are implemented, in particular to the Central Product Classification (CPC) of the United Nations;
b) understand how classifications are stored, maintained and disseminated; and
c) identify country needs on technical assistance.

The questionnaire focuses on classifications applying to primary crops and livestock and to agriculture and food processed products. It is addressed to all authorities in charge of the adoption and maintenance of the classifications used to collect and disseminate statistics on agriculture and food products at country level. 

The results of the questionnaires provide a useful tool for appraising and enhancing the harmonization of data on agriculture and food production at the international level, and will allow a more targeted assistance to the implementation of international standards at the country level.

Alignment to international/supranational schemes

* white countries on the map may not have responded or not contacted

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Questionnaire on national classifications for agriculture and food products

Cover letter | Questionnaire

Cover letter | Questionnaire

Cover letter | Questionnaire

Cover letter | Questionnaire



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