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Points essentiels

Countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States: Agricultural policy issues in the context of the World Trade Organization
This report examines the experience and main issues of twelve of these countries in the context of the rules and commitments in agriculture under the World Trade Organization (WTO). 

After Bali: WTO rules applying to public food reserves
This paper provides contextual background and analyses this decision from a legal perspective. It finds that, at best, Decision 38 provides a starting point for a WTO Work Programme for food security, for review at the Eleventh Ministerial Conference which will probably take place in 2017.

WTO domestic support disciplines: options for alleviating constraints to stockholding in developing countries in the follow-up to Bali
This paper provides first a succinct description of existing WTO provisions on domestic support applicable in general and the special treatment of developing countries including provisions for stockholding operations. 

Market monitoring and outlook

Commerce et marchés

Transparent and efficient agricultural commodity markets for global food security