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WTO Agreement on Agriculture: Export Competition after the Nairobi Ministerial Conference

The Ministerial Decision on Export Competition introduced prohibitions to agricultural export subsidies. It foresees the elimination of export subsidies in different timeframes for developed and developing countries. Specific exceptions have been agreed upon for some products and for particular developed and developing members. The Decision also covers the other three elements (namely Export Credits and Guarantees, International Food Aid and State Trading Enterprises) of the Export Competition pillar. While the elimination of export subsidy entitlements is not expected to induce changes in existing policies, it will, however, prevent future use of the measure.

Food Outlook
Biannual report on global food markets

Food commodity markets tend to exhibit a well-balanced situation at the global level for nearly all the commodities covered in this report, although in some cases prospects at the country or regional level may diverge from this positive outlook. Larger import volumes and rising shipping costs are expected to lift the global food import bill to over USD 1.3 trillion this year, up 10.6 percent from 2016.

Market monitoring and outlook

Trade and markets

Transparent and efficient agricultural commodity markets for global food security


IAMO Forum 2017

21 Jun 2017 - 23 Jun 2017

Halle (Saale), Germany

Workshop on sustainable investment in agriculture

20 Jun 2017 - 22 Jun 2017

Turin, Italy