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Expert Consultation on Banana Trade Policies

Rome, 28-29 October 2004

The overall objective of this informal consultation was to review and clarify the evidence that underlies current debates and negotiations on banana import policy reforms in OECD countries. The consultation focused on quantitative analyses of the impacts of various options for a tariff-only policy and the potential implications on countries benefiting from preferential treatment. Some of the papers presented at the meeting, as well as others that relate to this topic, can be accessed from the links provided on the right of the screen. The list is not exhaustive and interested analysts may wish to consult the speakers directly. Please note that these contributions do not necessarily imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of FAO. The material posted does not necessarily carry the endorsement of FAO.



Chairperson: David Hallam

Session 1 (09.00-10.30)

I. Opening

Welcome by the Chief, Raw Materials, Tropical and Horticultural Products Service (ESCR, FAO) - David Hallam - and introduction of participants.

II. Background paper: Recent Trends and Policies in World Banana Trade and Modelling the Impact of a Possible EU Tariff-only Regime

Discussion openers: Pascal Liu, Commodity Specialist, and Pedro M. Arias, Commodity Specialist, Raw Materials, Tropical and Horticultural Products Service (ESCR, FAO).

Brief review of recent trends in banana trade; brief evaluation of major policies relating to bananas in both developed and developing countries and their impact on production and trade; rationale for modelling to assess the quantitative impact of policy-shifts in the global banana trading arena, with particular emphasis on the EU-ACP trade regime.

COFFEE BREAK (10.30-11.00)

Session 2 (11.00-12.30)

III. Modelling the Impact of a possible EU tariff-only Regime in the Banana Market

Discussion openers: Chantal Le Mouël, Researcher, INRA, France; Tom Spreen, Professor, University of Florida, United States; Brent Borrell, Chief Market Economist, Centre for International Economics, Australia.

Brief description of the model specifications and parameters used and presentation of results.

LUNCH BREAK (12.30-14.00)

Session 3 (14.00-15.30)

IV. Imperfect competition and its consequences for model results

Discussion openers: Roland Herrmann, Professor, Institute of Agricultural Policy, University of Giessen, Germany; Steve McCorriston, Professor, University of Exeter, United Kingdom.

Work related to banana market structure and its implications for modelling.

COFFEE BREAK (15.30 - 16.00)

Session 4 (16.00-17.30)

V. Comparative analysis of models and open discussion

Discussion opener: Jahir Lombana, University of Göttingen, Germany.

Comparative analysis of methodologies and open discussion.


Chairperson: David Hallam

Session 1 (09.00-10.30)

VI. Price-Gap Analysis

Discussion openers: David Raboy, Chief Economic Consultant, Patton Boggs LLP, United States; John Rhys, Researcher, NERA, United Kingdom.

Work related to price gap methodologies and presentation of results.

COFFEE BREAK (10.30-11.00)

Session 2 (11.00 - 12.30)

VII. Distribution of rent along banana chains Discussion opener: Claudius Preville, CRNM/CIDA, Saint Lucia Analysis of revenues and rent on banana chains, with a special emphasis on EU suppliers

LUNCH BREAK (12.30 - 14.00)

Session 3 (14.00-15.30)

VIII. Significance of Preferences for ACP countries Discussion openers: Deep Ford, ESCP, FAO; David Vanzetti, UNCTAD, Switzerland Session 4 (15.30 - 16.30) IX. Open discussion and summary of informal consultation

Moderator: David Hallam