Trade and markets

FAO/CFC workshop - opportunities and challenges in the world markets for fruits and tropical products

Guangzhou, China, 29 and 30 November 2007

Hosted by the Trade Promotion Center, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture

The workshop was organized by FAO and CFC in co-operation with the Trade Promotion Center of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. The workshop was both a capacity-building seminar and a consultation exercise that aimed at discussing priority areas of intervention on bananas and tropical fruits, and recommended these priorities to the Intergovernmental Group on Bananas and Tropical Fruits as well as its Sub-Groups for adoption at the next session of the Group scheduled for 2008.

The workshop highlighted the latest developments in technology, market structure, and trade policies in tropical fruits and their processed products. Trade in fresh and processed tropical fruit products have increased dramatically over the last fifteen years, with average annual rates of growth in excess of four per cent per annum. This growth has been accompanied by changes in production technology, market structures, consumer preferences, trade policies, all of which are intertwined and difficult to analyze separately. This complexity poses many uncertainties and challenges to producers and policy makers in developing countries, who find it difficult firstly to understand the current situation and secondly to transform these changing trade environments into opportunities.

In addition to being up to date with new developments, policy makers and development agents need a space to assess the various development strategies in a participatory manner. For this reason, government representatives of the Intergovernmental Groups on Bananas and Tropical Fruits, and Citrus Fruits were invited to a consultation where working groups will be organized to discuss, formulate and recommend priority areas of intervention for CFC projects in the forthcoming five year action plan (FYAP).