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Banana - world imports and exports

Source: FAO

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Ecuador’s Banana Sector under Climate Change: An economic and biophysical assessment to promote a sustainable and climate-compatible strategy
This study is an integrated assessment of climate impacts on the banana value chain in support of the Ecuador initiatives towards sustainable and climate-adapted strategies. Evidence was generated on: (i) banana suitability under climate change in Ecuador and other banana producing countries; (ii) climate impacts on yields and potential diseases incidence for bananas in Ecuador; (iii) carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions from production to consumption, including transportation and waste disposal.

Banana market review 2013-2014
In 2013 the global banana trade reached a new peak, marked by ample supplies due to production recovery in the major banana-producing areas and strong demand in all major markets. As a result, exports surpassed 17 million tonnes – 6.1 percent above the level in 2012 and marking a third consecutive year of strong export growth.

Banana market review and banana statistics 2012-2013
This report is issued on an annual basis to Members and Observers of the Sub-Group on Bananas of the Intergovernmental Group on Bananas and Tropical Fruits. It brings together the information available to FAO, supplemented by data obtained from other sources, in particular with regard to preliminary estimates. 

The changing role of multinational companies in the global banana trade
On 10 March 2014, Chiquita, the largest banana trading company in the world, and Fyffes, one of the main suppliers to the European market, announced a merger, making the new company ChiquitaFyffes, an undisputed leader in the banana market.

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