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United States of America
Commodity Group
Oilseeds, oils and meals
Policy Category
Consumption and marketing
Policy Instrument
Transportation policies
Transportation of overweight truck loads allowed in the State of Iowa for certain products (soybeans, maize, hay, straw and silage) starting October 1st, for a period of 60 days.
Following record maize and soybean harvests, the US farm belt is increasingly strained by rising demand for shipping capacity. Reportedly, an overburdened river freight system has resulted in rail congestions and truck shortages. New players in the market, notably producers of crude oil from the country’s shale gas boom, are said to have exacerbated the situation. Consequently, grain/soybean producers and processors in the Midwest are increasingly concerned about delays in moving their products to the marketplace. To address the problem, the state of Iowa decided to allow the transportation of overweight truck loads of certain products (soybeans, maize, hay, straw and silage) for a period of 60 days starting October 1st.