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Endorsed the extension – until May 2016 – of the industry’s voluntary moratorium on trading and financing soybeans grown on illegally cleared land in the Amazon region.
Contrary to previous announcements (see MPPU March ’14), the country’s oilseed/grain associations decided to renew the moratorium on the trading and financing of soybeans grown on illegally cleared land in the Amazon region. Due to expire in December 2014, the moratorium is now poised to remain in place until May 2016, when Brazil’s new Forest Code and farm registration system are expected to become fully operational. Reportedly, the Ministry of Environment has called for the renewal on concerns that illegal deforestation was continuing in the Amazon rainforest. According to satellite imagery, in 2013/14, the area of soybeans grown on illegally deforested land has grown for the first time since 2005. Industry sources pointed out that cattle ranching – rather than soybean cultivation – remains the main driver behind deforestation in the region. Starting January 2015, compliance with the moratorium is going to be monitored through official controls. The moratorium’s extension, which should enhance legal certainty and transparency along the soy production/processing system, has been hailed by customers in Europe, where demand for responsibly produced soy products is reported to be on the rise.