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GMO policy
Authorized importation of two new genetically modified soybean varieties, but suspended the approval process for another GM soy strain.
After several years of review, Chinese authorities have granted official approval for the importation of two GM soybean varieties developed in the United States – one of China’s key suppliers of soybeans. The approval paves the way for the full commercial launch, in the United States, of DuPont’s high oleic soybean Plenish and Bayer’s soybean variety LL55 said to possess enhanced weed control properties. Reportedly, China’s Ministry of Agriculture decided to suspend the import approval process for a new genetically modified soybean variety, citing ‘low public acceptance’ of GMO products. To address the problem of growing consumer sentiment against GMO foods, the Chinese government recently launched a media campaign in support of GM crops. Reportedly, the campaign is meant to educate people about the benefits of GM products, which, in addition to being considered as safe, are seen as potentially key in helping to guarantee the nation’s food security. Despite having invested heavily in domestic GMO research, China has not yet permitted domestic cultivation of any GM crop. Recently, private resources reported that the government could consider removing a long-standing ban on foreign investment into domestic GMO research.