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Renewable energy policy
Granted federal support for the production of “advanced biofuels” (fuels produced from renewable biomass other than maize kernel starch); eligible feedstock includes vegetable oils and animal fats.
USD 5.6 million in grants are going to be made available to 220 producers to support the production of ‘advanced biofuel’. Payments will be made based on the amount of biofuel produced from renewable biomass other than maize kernel starch. Eligible feedstock include vegetable oil, animal fat, crop residue and animal, food and yard waste. The funds will be provided through USDA’s Advanced Biofuel Payment Program, which was established under the 2008-Farm Bill and re-authorized in the 2014-Farm Bill. Reportedly, since the programme’s inception, more than USD 280 million have been made available to 350 producers. Most payments went to producers of biodiesel. In addition to the above funding, USDA informed that it will award grants worth more than USD 4 million that will advance the bioeconomy and reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.