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Released the National Agricultural Modernization Plan 2016-2020. The document lays emphasis in modernising agriculture, ensuring national food security, raising the quality and efficiency of agricultural production, improving farmer welfare and environmental sustainability. A grain production target of 550 million tonnes is set out for 2020, with officials seeking to maintain 100 percent self-sufficiency in wheat and rice. In particular, the plan calls upon stabilizing winter wheat area, while strengthening the production capacity of Japonica rice in northern regions and double-cropping of paddy in southern China. Area planted to maize is to be reduced to 500 million mu (33.3 million hectares) in the “sickle bend” region, while area under soybeans would be raised to 140 million mu (9.3 million hectares) by 2020. The plan advocates the maintenance and improvement of the minimum purchase price policy for paddy and wheat, along with reforms to the maize procurement system. Among other objectives, the plan aims for a 97 percent rate of qualification in routine monitoring of agriculture products, and a 70 percent agricultural mechanization rate. Rural insurance and financial instruments are also to be strengthened and expanded.