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Oilseeds, oils and meals
Hydrogenated vegetable oils
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Consumption and marketing
Policy Instrument
Health policy
Confirmed a country-wide ban on partially hydrogenated oils. With entry into force in September 2018, the ban will include imported products and foods prepared and served in restaurants.
Canada’s Health Ministry confirmed its plan to prohibit the use of partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) – a key source of harmful trans fats in food products – by summer 2018 (see MPPU Dec.’16). Canada’s initiative aligns with global efforts toward the elimination of PHOs in foods. According to the ministry, maintaining the current voluntary approach (see MPPU Sep.’11 & July’16) would be insufficient to achieve the objective of reducing the population’s trans fat intake to the lowest level possible. The ministry also intends to provide stakeholders with information on more healthful alternatives to PHOs, preferably unsaturated fats. As a disincentive for the industry to replace PHOs with saturated fats, the ministry proposed to include front-of-pack warnings on products that are high in saturated fats.