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GM oilseeds
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Consumption and marketing
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GMO policy
Postponed a decision on the commercial release of GM oilseeds, notably of a locally developed mustard seed variety, stating that more time was required to examine newly released expert studies on the subject.
Indian ministry officials informed that the Government’s final decision with respect to the commercial release of GM oilseeds – notably of a locally developed mustardseed variety – remained pending (see also MPPU Sep.’16). Reportedly, the Government requires more time to examine various expert studies, including (i) new information submitted by GEAC, the ministerial Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee, and (ii) a report prepared by a parliamentary committee, which flagged alleged gaps in the Government’s evaluation process. In the meantime, a note released by India’s National Academy of Agricultural Sciences underlined the importance of GM oilseed varieties for production and farm income growth in the country.