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Bilateral cooperation
Malaysia conducted bilateral talks with the Philippines to examine the possibility of setting up joint ventures for oil palm plantations in the Philippines, with a view to cater to the country’s rising demand for vegetable oil for both food and industrial uses.
Malaysia is targeting a 50 percent increase in its shipments of palm oil and palm oil-based products (including biodiesel) to the Philippines over the coming three years, government sources reported. According to bilateral talks, there is room for Philippine’s edible oil imports to increase, considering that the country is not self-sufficient in edible vegetable oil and that demand is steadily rising. Consultations also focused on possibilities of collaboration in the area of renewable energy, including biodiesel. In the Philippines, the planned increase in mandatory biodiesel blending (from 2 percent to 5 percent) has been postponed several times due to insufficient domestic supplies of coconut oil, the country’s main biodiesel feedstock. By contrast, Malaysia reportedly has ample capacity to export either palm oil-based biodiesel or crude palm oil to be used as biodiesel feedstock.