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Trans-fatty acid
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Health policy
Decided, with regard to the nationwide ban on food products containing partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), to extend the compliance date for certain specified applications of PHOs to 1 June 2019. Also allowed all food products containing PHOs produced prior to 18 June 2018 to be distributed until 1 January 2020.
In line with legislation passed in 2015, as of 18 June 2018, food products manufactured in the United States are no longer allowed to contain partially hydrogenated oils, or PHOs (see MPPU July’15). Generated when plant oils are processed to increase their stability and functionality, PHOs represent the primary dietary source of artificial harmful trans fat in processed foods. For certain specified applications of PHOs, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided to extend the compliance date to 1 June 2019. More importantly, to allow for an orderly transition in the marketplace, FDA also allowed more time for all products produced prior to 18 June 2018 to work their way through distribution. For these foods the compliance date has been extended to 1 January 2020.