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WTO dispute settlement panel issued mixed ruling on EU anti-dumping measures on biodiesel imports from Argentina.
In March 2016, a panel established by the WTO dispute settlement body (DSB) circulated a report on the anti-dumping measures taken by the European Union against biodiesel imports from Argentina. The Panel, which was set up at the request of Argentina (see MPPU May ’14), ruled in favour of several claims made by the complainant. In particular, the formula used by the European Commission to calculate the costs of biodiesel production in Argentina was found to be inconsistent with existing WTO regulations and the duties applied by the EU considered to be in excess of the margin of dumping that should have been established. The Panel therefore recommended the EU to bring the measures into conformity with its obligations. On the other hand, the Panel rejected some of the claims made by Argentina and also recognized that the EU regulation at the heart of the dispute did not violate WTO rules. Both parties have been given a period of 60 days to appeal the panel’s findings. A separate case filed by Indonesia concerning analogous EU duties on biodiesel imports from Indonesia is still being examined by the DSB (see MPPU Dec.’15). The two main biodiesel feedstock concerned by the disputes are soyoil (Argentina) and palmoil (Indonesia).