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Commodity policy developments

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DateAreaCommodity GroupCommodityDatePolicy CategoryPolicy InstrumentDescription
21/05/15ArgentinaGrainsMaize2015.04TradeExport quotaMinistry of Economy and Public Finances announced the authorization of an additional 3.5m t of [...]
21/05/15JapanGrainsWheat2015.04Consumption and marketingGovernment procurementAnnounced that from 1 April, the price of milling wheat sold to domestic millers would [...]
21/05/15MoroccoGrainsWheat2015.04TradeImport tariffIncreased the custom duty on soft wheat imports to 75 percent from 17.5 percent last [...]
21/05/15RussiaGrainsGrains2015.04Consumption and marketingGovernment procurementSet the minimum purchasing prices for the public intervention fund on grains for the new [...]
21/05/15ArgentinaGrainsGrains2015.03TradeExport promotionAnnounced the creation of a new fund which will compensate by up to 50 percent [...]
21/05/15China (Mainland)GrainsGrains2015.03Consumption and marketingGovernment procurementAnnounced that USD 24.7bn will spent on stockpiling of grains, edible oils and other commodities [...]
21/05/15KazakhstanGrainsGrains2015.03ProductionProduction support Allocated Tenge 20 billion (USD 108 million) to support agrarian industry with anti-crisis measures. [...]
21/05/15PakistanGrainsWheat2015.03TradeImport tariffLifted the ban on the import of wheat, but imposed a uniform 25 percent regulatory [...]
21/05/15South Africa GrainsWheat2015.03TradeImport tariffIncreased its import tariff on wheat from ZAR 157 (USD 13) per tonne to ZAR [...]
21/05/15VietnamGrainsMaize2015.03ProductionProduction supportApproved three types of GMO maize commercial crops of for distribution to local farmers. [...]
21/05/15ZambiaGrainsWheat2015.03TradeExport quotaStated that, after a large crop boosted availabilities, 1m t of maize had been approved [...]
21/05/15ArgentinaGrainsWheat2015.02TradeExport quotaApproved 1 million tonnes of 2014/15 wheat for export.
21/05/15EgyptGrainsWheat2015.02TradeImport policyExtended for six months a decision to allow imports of wheat with up to 13.5 [...]
21/05/15India GrainsWheat2015.02Consumption and marketingGovernment procurementFixed the wheat procurement target at 30 million tonnes during the 2015/16 marketing year (April/March) [...]
21/05/15JapanGrainsWheat2015.02StocksStock releaseAnnounced plans to sell imported wheat to domestic millers at an average price of Yen [...]
21/05/15KazakhstanGrainsWheat2015.02StocksStock releaseReleased 738 000 tonnes of wheat from stocks to stabilize bread and wheat flour prices. The [...]
21/05/15KenyaGrainsGrains2015.02ProductionProduction supportDistributed farm input worth 31 million Kenyan Schillings (USD 330 000) to farmers. Under the Mingora [...]
21/05/15KenyaGrainsMaize2015.02ProductionProduction supportAnnounced that the Tana River county government will buy bags of maize from farmers at [...]
21/05/15PakistanGrainsWheat2015.02TradeExport quota/ Import banApproved the export of 1.2 million tonnes of wheat to help clear large inventories. An [...]
21/05/15TanzaniaGrainsMaize2015.02ProductionProduction supportBorrowed about 15 billion Tanzanian Schillings (USD 8 million) to settle extended debts that the [...]
21/05/15UkraineGrainsGrains2015.02TradeImport tariffIntroduced a temporary (12 month) additional import charge on goods imported into the customs territory [...]
21/05/15China (Mainland)GrainsWheat2015.01StocksStock releaseApproved the release of 139 000 tonnes of imported wheat, along with 630 600 tonnes of domestic [...]
21/05/15UkraineGrainsGrains2015.01TradeTrade Cancelled VAT refunds for grain exporters
21/05/15UkraineGrainsWheat2015.01TradeExport quotaReached agreement between government and traders to limit wheat exports from 1 January to [...]
21/05/15United States of AmericaGrainsBiofuel2015.01TradeTrade measureAuthorized a simplified, third-party-operated, renewable tracking programme for Argentinian biodiesel, in lieu of the current [...]
21/05/15ArgentinaGrainsWheat2014.12TradeExport quotaApproved an additional 1 million tonnes of 2014/15 wheat and wheat flour for export, effective [...]
21/05/15China (Mainland)GrainsGrains2014.12TradeImport quotaAnnounced that grain import quotas in 2015 would be kept unchanged from the previous year, [...]
21/05/15European UnionGrainsGrains2014.12TradeImport tariffDecreased import tariffs for maize, sorghum and rye from EUR 10.44 to EUR 4.49 (USD [...]
21/05/15KazakhstanGrainsWheat2014.12ProductionProduction/price supportRaised the support price of domestic third class wheat in Kazakhstan by about 50 percent, [...]
21/05/15RussiaGrainsWheat2014.12Consumption and marketingGovernment procurementRaised the state purchase intervention prices for 2014 wheat crop by approximately 50 percent. New prices [...]
21/05/15RussiaGrainsGrains2014.12TradeImport restrictionsImposed limitations on the transport of grain to ports and land border crossings. Raised grain [...]
21/05/15RussiaGrainsWheat2014.12TradeExport tariffAnnounced a combined tax on wheat exports from 1 February to 30 June 2015. The [...]
21/05/15ArgentinaGrainsMaize2014.11TradeExport quotaAuthorized the export of 8 million tonnes of the future maize crop, to be gathered [...]
21/05/15CanadaGrainsGrains2014.11TradeExport promotionAnnounced that minimum grain shipment targets for the railway network would be extended through 28 [...]
21/05/15China (Mainland)GrainsMaize2014.11Consumption and marketingProcurement priceAnnounced the start of the 2014/15 intervention programme for maize. The State purchase price was [...]
21/05/15European UnionGrainsGrains2014.11TradeImport tariffSuspended import duties on maize and several other cereals.
21/05/15PakistanGrainsWheat2014.11TradeImport tariffImposed a 20 percent import duty on wheat from all countries for the current crop [...]
21/05/15PhilippinesGrainsWheat2014.11TradeImport tariffImposed anti-dumping duties of up to 16.19 percent on imports of wheat flour from Turkey for [...]
21/05/15ArgentinaGrainsWheat2014.10TradeExport quotaAuthorized the export of 400 000 tonnes of wheat and 100 000 tonnes of wheat flour from [...]
21/05/15ArgentinaGrainsMaize2014.10TradeExport quotaAuthorized the export of 500 000 tonnes of maize from the 2013/14 harvest.
21/05/15China (Mainland)GrainsWheat2014.10Consumption and marketingProcurement priceAnnounced that the 2015 state purchase price for wheat would be maintained at the 2014 [...]
21/05/15European UnionGrainsGrains2014.10TradeImport tariffIncreased import tariffs for maize, sorghum and rye from EUR 5.32 to EUR 10.44 (USD [...]
21/05/15India GrainsWheat2014.10Consumption and marketingProcurement priceRaised domestic procurement price for wheat by 3.6 percent to Rupees 1 045 per 100 kg [...]
25/05/15BrazilGrainsWheat2014.09Production Producer subsidiesApproved BRL 650 million (USD 290 million) to support wheat and cotton farmers facing lower [...]
25/05/15European UnionGrainsWheat2014.09TradeTradeGranted export licences for 852000 tonnes of soft wheat.
21/05/15RussiaGrainsMaize and Wheat2014.09TradeTradeApplied customs duties on several Moldavian agricultural products after the signing of the Association Agreement [...]
25/05/15ZambiaGrainsMaize2014.09Consumption and marketingGovernment procurementBought 900 000 bags of maize through the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) from farmers in [...]
21/05/15PakistanGrainsWheat2014.09Production Price SupportMaintained support price of wheat Rs3450 (33.5 USD) per 100 kg.
25/05/15BrazilGrainsMaize2014.08Production Producer subsidiesApproved a BRL 500 million (USD 221 million) subsidy to maize to offset internal transport [...]
25/05/15IndiaGrainsWheat2014.08Consumption and marketingGovernment procurementAllowed sales of wheat to the open market from central pool.
25/05/15NicaraguaGrainsMaize2014.08TradeImport QuotaIntroduced a 72000 tonnes duty-free import quota.
21/05/15China (Mainland)GrainsMaize2014.08Consumption and marketingGovernment procurementOffered a subsidy of CNY 100/tonne (USD 16.08/tonne) to maize processors buying from state reserves. [...]
21/05/15JapanGrainsWheat2014.08Consumption and marketingGovernment procurementLowered the price at whitch imported miling wheat is sell to domestic millers by about [...]
21/05/15MoroccoGrainsWheat2014.08TradeImport TariffReduced import duties on wheat since 1st of September to the level of 17.5% from [...]
21/05/15VietnamGrainsMaize2014.08Consumption and marketingGMO policies and regulationsAllowed the use of four varieties of genetically modified maize for animal feed. Farmers still [...]
25/05/15EgyptGrainsWheat2014.07TradeTradeRaised the maximum moisture content of wheat imports from 13 percent to 13.5 percent, applicable [...]
21/05/15BrazilGrainsWheat2014.07TradeImport QuotaIntroduced a 1 million tonnes duty-free import quota for non-Mercosur wheat, from 23 June to [...]
21/05/15European UnionGrainsMaize and Sorghum 2014.07TradeImport TariffApplied tariff of 5.32 EUR /tonne on maize, sorghum and rye imports from July 2014, [...]
21/05/15IndiaGrainsWheat2014.07Consumption and marketingGovernment procurement Approved sales of 10 million tonnes of wheat from government stocks onto the local market. [...]
25/05/15NicaraguaGrainsMaize2014.06TradeImport QuotaIntroduced a 73000 tonnes duty-free import quota of white maize.
21/05/15Bilateral/MultilateralGrainsMaize and Wheat2014.06TradeTradeEU and Ukraine completed the process of signature of the Association Agreement including the Deep [...]
21/05/15EgyptGrainsWheat2014.06Consumption and marketingGovernment procurement Raised by 16 percent (to USD 466/tonne) the domestic procurement price for wheat.
21/05/15European UnionGrainsMaize and Wheat2014.06TradeTradeSigned Association Agreements with Georgia and the Republic of Moldova.
21/05/15European UnionGrainsMaize and Wheat2014.06TradeTradeProhibited the import of goods originating in Crimea or Sevastopol into the European Union, except [...]
21/05/15ArgentinaGrainsWheat2014.04TradeExport QuotaAuthorized 0.5 million tonnes export of total proyected of 1.5 million tonnes of wheat from [...]
10/06/14Bilateral/MultilateralGrainsMaize and Wheat2014.04TradeTradePolitical provisions of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement were signed. The EU will temporarily remove customs [...]
10/06/14China (Mainland)GrainsMaize2014.04TradeGMO policies and regulationsRejected nearly 1.45 million tonnes of U.S. maize shipments since late 2013 after the detection [...]
10/06/14European UnionGrainsMaize and Wheat2014.04TradeImport duty Set duty-free import quotas for Ukrainian grains. Until October 31 Ukraine will supply 950 000 [...]
10/06/14PakistanGrainsWheat2014.04Production Price SupportApproved increase in support price of wheat from Rs1200 (12.2 USD) per 40 kg to [...]
10/06/14PakistanGrainsWheat2014.03Consumption and marketing Government procurementDecided to reduce its strategic reserves and release them in the market in an attempt [...]
21/05/15European UnionGrainsWheat2014.03TradeImport quotaAwarded licenses to import 45 000 tonnes of Ukrainian wheat under an annual duty free quota. [...]
10/06/14ArgentinaGrainsWheat2014.02TradeExport QuotaAuthorised 0.5 million tonnes export of total proyected of 1.5 million tonnes of wheat from [...]
10/06/14China (Mainland)GrainsMaize2014.02Production Production support, sector policy frameworkAnnounced that around 130 000 ha of rice area would be shifted towards the cultivation [...]
10/06/14KazakhstanGrainsWheat2014.02Consumption and marketing Government procurementAnnounced that 509 000 tonnes of grain would be sold at a fixed price of [...]
10/06/14ArgentinaGrainsWheat2014.01TradeExport QuotaAuthorised export of total proyected of 1.5 million tonnes of wheat from the 2013/14 crop, [...]
10/06/14China (Mainland)GrainsMaize and Wheat2014.01Production Production support, sector policy frameworkIssued the "Number one document" which sets the country's policy priorities for the year. Announced [...]
10/06/14Bilateral/MultilateralGrainsMaize2013.12TradeImport TariffRepublic of South Korea eliminated the wheat import duty on shipments from Australian wheat.
10/06/14MexicoGrainsMaize and Sorghum2013.12TradeImport TariffAnnounced the reintroduction of a 20%, import tariff on white maize, which was abolished in [...]
10/06/14MoroccoGrainsWheat2013.12TradeImport Tariff/Import SubsidySuspended the import duty for common wheat (45%) from January 1, 2014 until April 30, [...]
10/06/14EgyptGrainsWheat2013.11Consumption and marketing Government procurement The government provided details on its plan to achieve self-sufficiency in wheat for 2019, which [...]
10/06/14China (Mainland)GrainsMaize2013.11TradeTradeChina has agreed to allow imports of Brazilian maize.
10/06/14BrazilGrainsWheat2013.10TradeImport TariffTrade Ministry increased the quota for tariff-free wheat imports from non-Mercosur states by 0.6 million [...]
10/06/14China (Mainland)GrainsWheat2013.10Consumption and marketing Government procurement and procurement priceThe National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) set the wheat support price at CNY 2360 [...]
11/11/13IndiaGrainsWheat2013.10Consumption and marketing Price controlRaised the price that the government will pay to farmers for wheat next year to [...]
10/06/14China (Mainland)GrainsMaize and Wheat2013.09TradeImport TariffThe National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) maintained the 2014 low-tariff import quotas at 2013 [...]
11/11/13ArgentinaGrainsMaize2013.09TradeExport QuotaAuthorised export of 3 million tonnes of maize from the 2012/13 crop.
11/11/13IndiaGrainsWheat2013.09Consumption and marketingFood subsidiesApproved an additional allocation of 5.0 million tonnes of subsidized wheat and rice for distribution [...]
11/11/13IndiaGrainsAll2013.09Consumption and marketingFood subsidiesSigned the National Food Security Bill into law, following receipt of parliamentary approval in August. [...]
11/11/13China (Mainland)GrainsMaize2013.08TradeGMO policies and regulationsApproved the first import of GM maize from Argentina, with 60 000 tonnes already cleared by [...]
11/11/13IndiaGrainsWheat2013.08TradeExport QuotaAuthorised export of 2 million tonnes of wheat. The export floor price has been maintained [...]
11/11/13JapanGrainsWheat2013.08Consumption and marketing Price controlRaised the selling price of imported wheat for domestic millers for October 2013 to March [...]
11/11/13MoroccoGrainsWheat2013.08TradeImport TariffRaised the import duty for common wheat to 45 percent, an increase of 28 percent. [...]
11/11/13ZambiaGrainsMaize2013.08Consumption and marketing Government procurementAnnounced that the Food Reserve Agency had lowered its 2013 maize procurement target by 50 percent, [...]
11/11/13CameroonGrainsMaize2013.07Production Government procurement and procurement priceAnnounced the government’s contribution of XAF 1 billion (USD 1.99 million) and of technical assistance on [...]
11/11/13China (Mainland)GrainsWheat2013.07Consumption and marketing Government procurement Announced that China Grain Reserves Corporation (Sinograin) suspended wheat purchasing operations in the top producing [...]
11/11/13China (Mainland)GrainsMaize2013.07Production Government procurement and procurement priceAnnounced the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) increased 2013/14 maize procurement prices in the [...]
11/11/13JapanGrainsWheat2013.07TradeGMO policies and regulationsAnnounced that the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is reopening tenders for US WW [...]
11/11/13JapanGrainsWheat2013.07TradeGMO policies and regulationsBegan the release of stocks of US WW wheat that had been held back following [...]
11/11/13Republic of KoreaGrainsWheat2013.07TradeGMO policies and regulationsLifted the temporary Korean Flour Mills Industry Association’s suspension of imports of US WW wheat [...]
11/11/13United States of AmericaGrainsMaize2013.07TradeGMO policies and regulationsence of GM wheat extended only to the incidence detected at a single farm in [...]
11/11/13ArgentinaGrainsWheat2013.07TradeExport restrictionPrioritized wheat and wheat flour supply to the domestic market, in response of low stocks [...]
20/08/13IndiaGrainsAll2013.07Consumption and marketingFood subsidiesApproved the National Food Security Bill through an executive order. Parliamentary approval is still [...]
20/08/13IndiaGrainsWheat2013.07Consumption and marketingFood subsidiesApproved an additional allocation of 5.0 million tonnes of subsidized wheat and rice for distribution [...]
11/11/13IndiaGrainsWheat2013.06Consumption and marketing Government procurement Approved 10.0 million tonnes of wheat and 500 000 of rice for sale from government [...]
11/11/13IndonesiaGrainsWheat2013.06TradeGMO policies and regulationsTrade Minister stated that incoming US wheat shipments would be monitored and tested for GM [...]
11/11/13IndonesiaGrainsWheat2013.06TradeImport TariffIssued Trade Minister proposal for an indefinite extension to the current 20 percent emergency tariff on [...]
11/11/13Republic of KoreaGrainsWheat2013.06TradeGMO policies and regulationsAnnounced that the Korean Flour Millers Industrial Association would continue the US wheat imports suspension [...]
11/11/13TurkeyGrainsWheat2013.06Consumption and marketing Price controlSet the procurement price (including incentives) at TRY 843/t (US$450) for local milling wheat, and [...]
11/11/13IndiaGrainsWheat2013.06Consumption and marketingGovernment procurementIssued statement from the Food Ministry that 2013/14 wheat procurement was forecast to decline to [...]
11/11/13ArgentinaGrainsMaize2013.06TradeExport QuotaAuthorised export of 16 million tonnes of maize from the 2013/14 crop.
20/08/13BangladeshGrainsAll2013.06Consumption and marketingBudgetary allocations, food subsidies As part of its 2013/2014 budgetary allocations, announced a plan to distribute 2.73 million tonnes [...]
11/11/13European UnionGrainsWheat2013.05TradeGMO policies and regulationsEuropean Commission recommended that all imports of US soft white wheat that had recently arrived [...]
11/11/13JapanGrainsWheat2013.05TradeGMO policies and regulationsAnnounced that the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries had temporarily suspended imports of Western [...]
20/08/13European UnionGrainsBarley and Wheat 2013.05TradeImport dutyExtension of zero import duties for feed wheat and barley quotas beyond the end of [...]
14/06/13ArgentinaGrainsWheat2013.05Production Finance and credit facilitiesProvide producers a refund of USD 30 per tonnes of exported wheat.
14/06/13Bilateral/MultilateralGrainsMaize2013.05Trade Trade allianceFormed an alliance of maize producers - ABRAMHILO (Brazil), MAIZAR (Argentina), U.S. Grains Council- collectively [...]
14/06/13China (Mainland)GrainsMaize2013.05Consumption and marketing Procurement priceAnnounced increase of procurement price for maize in 2013.
14/06/13European UnionGrainsAll2013.05Production Seed RegulationAdoption by the European Commission of a package of measures to strengthen the enforcement of [...]
14/06/13IndiaGrainsWheat2013.05Consumption and marketing Food subsidiesApproved an additional allocation of 4.2 million tonnes of wheat and 2.0 million tonnes of [...]
14/06/13IranGrainsWheat2013.05TradeExport banIntroduction of export ban on wheat in order to curb cross-border trading of wheat from [...]
14/06/13ArgentinaGrainsMaize2013.04Trade Export quotaApproved additional exports of 4.4 million tonnes of maize from 2012/13 crop.
14/06/13BrazilGrainsWheat2013.04Trade Import quotaDoubled non-Mercosur import quota for wheat and waived tariff. The quota will remain in [...]
14/06/13ChileGrainsMaize2013.04Trade Import tariffIntroduced 9.7 percent countervailing import tariff on Argentine maize on grounds of unfair competition [...]
14/06/13EgyptGrainsWheat2013.04Production Government procurementAllocated EGP 11 billion (USD 1.6 billion) for the purchase of 4.5 million tonnes of [...]
14/06/13PeruGrainsMaize2013.04Production Farmers Income Tax Reduced maize farmers\' income tax by 1.5 percent.
14/06/13South AfricaGrainsWheat2013.04Production Price SupportIncrease of the dollar-based reference price for locally produced wheat by 37 percent, in order [...]
14/06/13ArgentinaGrainsWheat2013.03Trade Export quotaAuthorized 5 million tonnes of wheat export from the 2013/14 crop. In addition, approved [...]
14/06/13BangladeshGrainsWheat2013.03Consumption and marketing Procurement priceIncreased procurement price of wheat by 4 percent to BDT 25 (USD 0.32) per kg, [...]
14/06/13China (Mainland)GrainsWheat2013.03Consumption and marketing Stock ReleaseSold 1.29 million tonnes of wheat from state reserves in order to ease tight [...]
14/06/13EgyptGrainsWheat2013.03Production Government market interventionAnnounced plans to build 150 silos ahead of the 2014 wheat harvest.
14/06/13IndiaGrainsAll2013.03Consumption and marketing Food subsidiesA revised version of the National Food Security Act approved by the Indian Cabinet. The [...]
14/06/13IndiaGrainsWheat2013.03Trade Export measuresAllowed private traders to export 5 million tonnes of wheat from the 2012 harvest from [...]
14/06/13PakistanGrainsWheat2013.03Consumption and marketing Government procurementPurchase of 9 million tonnes of wheat from the farmers by Pakistan Agricultural Storage and [...]
14/06/13RussiaGrainsWheat2013.03Consumption and marketing Government procurement Announced plans to purchase wheat on the domestic market during August-October 2013 in order to [...]
14/06/13UkraineGrainsWheat2013.03TradeExport quotaIncreased wheat export quotas by 500 000 tonnes, to 7 million tonnes in 2012/2013 (July/June). [...]
14/06/13ZambiaGrainsMaize2013.03TradeExport restrictionLifted export restrictions on maize.
14/06/13ArgentinaGrainsMaize2013.02Trade Export quotaAuthorised export of 3 million tonnes of maize in addition to 15 million tonnes already [...]
14/06/13BrazilGrainsWheat2013.02Trade Import duty Exempted 1 million tonnes of wheat from non-Mercosur origins from the 10 percent import duty [...]
14/06/13EgyptGrainsWheat2013.02Production Government procurement and procurement priceIncreased procurement price for wheat in 2013/14 MY by 5 percent to EGP [...]
14/06/13IndiaGrainsAll2013.02Consumption and marketing Budgetary allocations, food subsidiesAs part of its 2013-2014 budgetary allocations, set aside Rupees 100 billion (USD 1.8 billion) [...]
14/06/13IndiaGrainsWheat2013.02Consumption and marketing Budgetary allocations, production support, crop diversification, agricultural credit, storageFurther Rupees 5.0 billion (USD 92 million) were allocated to encourage crop diversification in original [...]
14/06/13JapanGrainsMaize2013.02StocksIncrease animal feed reservesIncreased animal feed grain reserves, including maize would be increased by 44 percent year-on-year, [...]
14/06/13JapanGrainsSorghum2013.02StocksIncrease animal feed reservesIncreased animal feed grain reserves, including maize would be increased by 44 percent year-on-year, [...]
14/06/13JapanGrainsWheat2013.02Consumption and marketing Price controlIncrease of domestic sales prices by 10 percent, for imported wheat as of April 2013 [...]
14/06/13PhilippinesGrainsMaize2013.02Production Finance and credit facilitiesProvide insurance coverage for maize farmers through the Provincial Government of Northern Samar and [...]
14/06/13European UnionGrainsWheat2013.01Other Futures market developmentAnnounced the first Europe-based durum futures market would be launched on 21 January. The new [...]
22/04/13SyriaGrainsBarley and Wheat 2013.01TradeImport tariffAnnounced removal of import tariffs on several basic commodities, including wheat and barley, due to [...]
22/04/13AlgeriaGrainsAll2013.01TradeImport measureLaunch of a joint importing operation between Algeria and Morocco.
11/11/13IndonesiaGrainsWheat2012.12TradeImport TariffIntroduced 20 percent emergency tariff on wheat flour imports for 200 days.
14/06/13EcuadorGrainsMaize2012.12Production Productive assets Approved the Plan Semillas de Alto Rendimiento for maize, which finances the access small-scale farmers [...]
22/04/13IndiaGrainsWheat2012.12Trade Export limitApproval of the 2013 wheat export limit at 2.5 million tonnes, 500 000 tonnes higher [...]
22/04/13IndiaGrainsWheat2012.12Production Minimum support priceMSP for wheat in 2013 increased by 5 percent, reaching INR 1 350 per 100 [...]
22/04/13IndonesiaGrainsFlour2012.12TradeImport TariffImport tariff for wheat flour raised at 20 percent for a period of 200 days [...]
22/04/13MoroccoGrainsWheat2012.12TradeImport Duty Extention of the zero duty on imports of soft wheat until the end of April [...]
14/06/13RussiaGrainsAll2012.11Consumption and marketing Government market intervention Expanded sales from grain intervention stocks to all regions, not just Siberia, the Urals and [...]
14/06/13RussiaGrainsWheat2012.11Trade Import duty Remove of 5 percent import tax – from early April until July 2013. 
13/06/13IndiaGrainsAll2012.11Consumption and marketingFood subsidiesApproved an additional allocation of 500 000 tonnes of rice and an equal amount of [...]
26/04/13UkraineGrainsWheat2012.11TradeExport banExport ban on wheat, announced in October 2012 and to be effective from 15 November [...]
22/04/13UkraineGrainsWheat2012.11TradeExport quotaWheat export quotas increased by 300 000 tonnes, to 5.8 million tonnes.
22/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsMaize2012.11Production Governement procurement from farmers Increase of governemt procuremet price for maize in 2013 by 7%, in an effort to [...]
22/04/13EgyptGrainsWheat2012.11TradeImport restrictionsUkraine removed from list of approved wheat suppliers during 2013, after the announcement of the [...]
22/04/13European UnionGrainsBarley and Wheat 2012.11TradeImport tariffSuspention of import duties on wheat of low and medium quality and feed barley extended [...]
22/04/13IndiaGrainsWheat2012.11StocksReleasing stocksApproval od 500 000 tonnes from government stocks through retail outlets, in order to ease [...]
22/04/13RussiaGrainsAll2012.10Consumption and marketing Government market intervention Determined to sell 1 million tonnes of grains from intervention stocks in the market to [...]
22/04/13ArgentinaGrainsWheat2012.10TradeExport quotaIncreased wheat exports quota by 1 million tonnes, reaching 5 million tonnes for the 2012/13 [...]
22/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsMaize and Wheat2012.10TradeImport tariff rate quotaConfirmed low-tariff import quota for maize and wheat at 9.6 million tonnes and 7.2 million tonnes, [...]
22/04/13European UnionGrainsMaize2012.10Trade GMO policies and regulationsAuthorized import of genetically modified (GM) maize (MIR162) produced by Syngenta for food and feed [...]
22/04/13TurkeyGrainsBarley, Maize and Wheat2012.09TradeImport measureApproved duty-free import of 1 million tonnes of wheat and 500 000 of maize and barley [...]
22/04/13UkraineGrainsBarley, Maize and Wheat2012.09Trade Other export restrictionEstablished voluntary and informal agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and Grain Trade Unions on [...]
22/04/13ArgentinaGrainsMaize2012.09TradeExport quotaApproved additional 2.75 million tonnes of maize export from 2011/2012 crop, for a total of [...]
22/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsWheat2012.09Production Minimum support priceIncreased Minimum Support Price (MSP) of wheat by 10 percent, to CNY 2.240 per tonne [...]
22/04/13European UnionGrainsMaize2012.09Production GMO policies and regulationsExtended (France) ban on genetically modified crops cultivation, especially maize.
22/04/13European UnionGrainsWheat2012.09Other Futures market measureIntroduced delivery limit on feed wheat futures and options by the NYSE Commodity Exchange. Effective [...]
22/04/13MoroccoGrainsWheat2012.09Trade Import subsidyReduced subsidies for imported soft wheat. Between 1 October and end-December 2012, millers will receive [...]
22/04/13AlgeriaGrainsMaize2012.09TradeImport banSuspended maize import duties for 11 months, in an effort to ease domestic market prices. [...]
22/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsMaize2012.08ProductionSubsidiesProvided CNY 600 million (USD 95.3 million) in subsidies to protect maize fields in northeastern [...]
22/04/13JapanGrainsWheat2012.08Consumption and marketing Price ControlIncrease of domestic sales prices for imported wheat of 3% by October 2012. The domestinc [...]
22/04/13KazakhstanGrainsAll2012.08Trade SubsidiesSuspended state subsidy for the transportation of grains to the Black Sea and Baltic ports [...]
22/04/13BrazilGrainsAll2012.07Production Finance and Credit FacilitiesExpanded farm credit by 7.5 percent from last year to BRL 115.2 billion (USD 55 [...]
22/04/13IndiaGrainsWheat2012.07TradeReleasing StocksApproval of 2 million tonnes of wheat export from pubblic stocks, subject to a base [...]
22/04/13NigeriaGrainsFlour2012.07TradeTariffSet new levy on wheat and wheat flour imports, increasing the existing duties from 5 percent [...]
12/04/13IndiaGrainsAll2012.07Consumption and marketing Food subsidiesApproved an additional allocation of 5.0 million tonnes of subsidized grains for distribution to below [...]
22/04/13RussiaGrainsAll2012.06TradeOther measures affecting exportsLowered grain handling tariff by 5 percent, to RUB 600 per tonnes (USD 18) in an [...]
22/04/13Bilateral/MultilateralGrainsWheat 2012.06Other Futures marketLaunched the Black Sea Wheat futures contract through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group (CME), with [...]
22/04/13European UnionGrainsWheat2012.06TradeImport tariffExtended suspension of import duties for low and medium quality wheat until December 2012, in [...]
22/04/13AlgeriaGrainsBarley and Wheat 2012.06TradeImport banIntroduced durum wheat and barley import ban until end of 2012 due to good production [...]
22/04/13BurundiGrainsFlour2012.05TradeImport tariffRemoved import taxes on basic foods, including maize flour and wheat flour.
22/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsMaize2012.05TradeImport banRemoved import ban on Argentine maize (by the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Quarantine), [...]
22/04/13IndiaGrainsWheat2012.05Other Food assistanceIncreased supplies of subsidized wheat and rice for state-run welfare programmes by 10 million tonnes to [...]
22/04/13IndiaGrainsMaize2012.05Production Minimum support pricesIncreased MSP for a number of crops, in order to boost production of summer sown [...]
22/04/13KazakhstanGrainsAll2012.05Trade SubsidiesProvided a government subsidy of USD 27 per tonnes until the end of the marketing [...]
22/04/13MoroccoGrainsWheat2012.05Trade Import tariffSuspended wheat import tariff until end of May 2012, but then will be reinstated and [...]
22/04/13MoroccoGrainsBarley2012.05Trade Import tariffSuspended wheat import tariff until end of May 2012, but then will be reinstated and [...]
12/04/13IndiaGrainsAll2012.05Consumption and marketing Food subsidiesApproved an additional allocation of 6.0 million tonnes of subsidized grains for distribution to above [...]
22/04/13CanadaGrainsBarley and Wheat 2012.04Trade Export subsidiesIntroduced subsidies to grain handlers for the shipment of grain through the Arctic port, Churchill, [...]
22/04/13UkraineGrainsWheat2012.03Production Minimum PriceMinimum intervention prices for milling wheat in 2012/13 MY increased by 50 UAH/tonnes (USD 6). [...]
22/04/13IndiaGrainsFlour2012.03Trade Export restrictionsExport restrictions on wheat flour removed, under the Open General License (OGL) scheme.
12/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsAll2012.03ProductionBudgetary allocations, Production supportRaised 2012 budgetary allocations to the agricultural sector by 18 percent to US$189 billion [...]
22/04/13PhilippinesGrainsWheat2012.02TradeImport tariffImport tariff on wheat permanently removed.
22/04/13UkraineGrainsAll2012.02TradeExport restrictionsTemporary ban on grain-carrying rail wagons leaving the country to ensure adequate domestic supplies.
22/04/13ArgentinaGrainsMaize2012.02TradeTrade agreementTrade agreement and sanitary protocol signed with China for maize exports crop.
22/04/13JapanGrainsWheat2012.02Trade Price ControlImport wheat price lowered by 15 percent from 1 st April 2012.
12/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsAll2012.02Other Sector policy frameworkRelease of draft Grains Law by the State Council Legislative Affairs Office for public commentary. [...]
22/04/13RussiaGrainsWheat2012.01Production Market intervention Suspention of grain procurement interventions (purchase of wheat from Ural and Siberian farmers for State [...]
22/04/13RussiaGrainsAll2012.01Production Producer priceGrain prices during the government’s purchasing interventions in 2012 will be mantained unchanged from 2011 [...]
22/04/13ZimbabweGrainsMaize2012.01StocksFood stocks policyFRA increased maize reserve stocks from 300 000 to 600 000 tonnes.
22/04/13ArgentinaGrainsWheat2012.01TradeExport quota Announced wheat export plan removing export quotas. Under the new plan exporters will be [...]
22/04/13KazakhstanGrainsAll2012.01Other Transportation subsidies (rail)Transport subsidies on grain exports (Azov, the Black and Baltic seas) through the Russian [...]
22/04/13CanadaGrainsBarley and Wheat 2011.12Other PrivatizationMarketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act approved. It ends the Canadian Wheat Board\'s monopoly on [...]
22/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsMaize2011.12Production Governement procurement from farmers and minimum support priceProcurement of 10-12 million tonnes of maize from farmers at above market price until April [...]
22/04/13IndiaGrainsAll2011.12Consumption and marketing Food subsidiesNew Food Security Bill submitted to the parliament. It will create legal entitlement to subsidized [...]
22/04/13IndonesiaGrainsAll2011.12Trade Import tariff Import tariff for designated grain, feed and oilseed products increased to 5 percent.
22/04/13MalawiGrainsMaize2011.12Trade Export banSuspention of maize and maize products exports and revocation of export licenses from private [...]
22/04/13MoroccoGrainsWheat2011.12Production Input subsidiesMaximum price threshold and subsidies for domestic commercialization introduced on imported wheat, durum wheat [...]
22/04/13MoroccoGrainsBarley2011.12Production Input subsidiesMaximum price threshold and subsidies for domestic commercialization introduced on imported wheat, durum and [...]
22/04/13ThailandGrainsMaize2011.11TradeImport tariff rate quotaNew maize tariff-rate quotas (TRQ) approved. Imports in 2012 are limited to 54 700 tonnes. [...]
22/04/13ZimbabweGrainsMaize2011.11Consumption and marketing Food subsidiesFood Reserve Agency (FRA) sale of 1 067 000 tonnes of maize at a reduced [...]
22/04/13El SalvadorGrainsMaize2011.11Production Seed programmeUSD 11 million provided to compensate losses caused by the excessive rains.
22/04/13European UnionGrainsBarley and Wheat 2011.11TradeImport tariff Suspention of import duties on soft wheat of low and medium quality and feed barley [...]
22/04/13IndiaGrainsWheat2011.11Production Minimum support priceIncrease of minimim purchase price of wheat in order to encourage farmers to sell [...]
22/04/13KazakhstanGrainsAll2011.11Trade Export facilitation measureAbolition of grain export licenses from 1st February 2012.
22/04/13NigeriaGrainsWheat2011.11TradeImport tariff and import banTariff increse for imported wheat to promote the substitution of wheat flour with 40 percent [...]
22/04/13ArgentinaGrainsWheat2011.11TradeExport quotaAdditional exports of 2.7 million tonnes of wheat approved from 2010/11 crop.
26/04/13MoroccoGrainsWheat2011.10Trade Import tariffImport duties on soft and durum wheat suspended until end of February 2012 and subsequently [...]
22/04/13RussiaGrainsAll2011.10TradeExport DutyGovernment is considering to impose export taxes if shipments of grains exceed 24/25 million [...]
22/04/13TanzaniaGrainsAll2011.10TradeExport ban Export ban on grains lifted.
22/04/13UkraineGrainsAll2011.10TradeExport DutyWheat and maize export duties suspended. Barley duty is kept at the current level (14 [...]
22/04/13United States of AmericaGrainsWheat2011.10Trade Entry into force of a free trade agreementFree trade agreements (FTAs) passed with Colombia, Panama and South Korea.
22/04/13CanadaGrainsBarley and Wheat 2011.10Other PrivatizationThe Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act (draft legislation) removing the Canadian Wheat Board\'s (CWB) [...]
22/04/13EgyptGrainsWheat2011.10Production Government procurement from farmers and Minimum support priceEGP 11 billion (USD 1.8 billion) allocated for the purchase of wheat from farmers in [...]
22/04/13EgyptGrainsWheat2011.10TradeImport ban Import ban on wheat of Ukrainian origin lifted.
22/04/13KazakhstanGrainsAll2011.10Trade Other import measureNational Rail Company will lease 5 500 grain wagons from Russia, to resolve any rail [...]
22/04/13MoroccoGrainsWheat2011.10Trade Import tariffImport tariff on soft wheat will be suspended between 15 November and 31 December 2011, [...]
26/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsMaize2011.09StocksStock ReleaseRelease of additional 3.7 million tonnes of maize (following the sale of 100 000 tonnes [...]
22/04/13RussiaGrainsAll2011.09TradeExport taxesRail taxes halved for long-distance shipments of grain from Siberia and the Urals region, to [...]
22/04/13ZimbabweGrainsMaize2011.09Production Government procurement/ Input programmeGrain Marketing Board grants about USD 10 million to pay farmers who delivered maize to its [...]
22/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsWheat2011.09Production Minimum support price increase Minimum purchase price for wheat in the country\'s major wheat-producing areas increased, from CNY 95 [...]
22/04/13EthiopiaGrainsWheat2011.09Consumption and marketing Food distribution in case of emergencyDistribution of around 15 000 tonnes of wheat granted by Japan to millers hit by [...]
22/04/13EthiopiaGrainsWheat2011.09StocksFood stocks set upDepleted Ethiopian Food Emergency Relief Reserve (EFSRR) replenished through market stabilization interventions with 300 000 [...]
22/04/13IndiaGrainsWheat2011.09Trade Export ban Wheat export ban, imposed in early 2007, suspended, allowing 2 million tonnes for exports, after a [...]
22/04/13IndiaGrainsWheat2011.09StocksReleasing stocksWheat from public stocks sold in open market to create space in warehouses for rice [...]
26/04/13MexicoGrainsAll2011.08Production Finance and credit facilitiesInterest rates applied to loans for grain and livestock producers decreased by 6 percent, to [...]
22/04/13RussiaGrainsAll2011.08TradeOther measures affecting exportsBan imposed by railway authorities on export grain transport to Black Sea port, Novorossiisk, the [...]
22/04/13Taiwan province of ChinaGrainsWheat2011.08TradeImport tariff Wheat and wheat flour import tariff halved for further 6 months.
22/04/13UkraineGrainsAll2011.08Production Government procurement from producers1.7 million tonnes of grain purchased to support producers and replenish state reserves for the [...]
22/04/13VenezuelaGrainsSorghum2011.08Production Producer prices policyMaximum producer prices for sorghum increased, from VEF 50 per tonne (USD 170) to VEF [...]
22/04/13ZimbabweGrainsMaize2011.08Trade Import tariff Import duty re-established to protect local food industry, effective from August for maize meal (10 [...]
22/04/13BangladeshGrainsWheat2011.08TradeTrade agreementGovernment–to–government deal made to buy 100 000 tonnes of wheat from Ukraine.
22/04/13KazakhstanGrainsAll2011.08Trade Export subsidiesExport subsidies introduced on grain shipped to the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea, compensating [...]
22/04/13KenyaGrainsMaize2011.08Trade Other import measureGenetically modified maize imports allowed.
22/04/13KenyaGrainsMaize2011.08StocksFood stock policyAllocation of KES 5 billion (USD 49 million ) to the National Cereals and Produce [...]
22/04/13KenyaGrainsMaize2011.08Production Minimum procurement priceNational Cereals and Produce Board to buy maize from farmers at a set price of [...]
22/04/13NicaraguaGrainsMaize2011.08TradeImport quota and tariffDuty free import quota approved for yellow maize equivalent to 8 000 tonnes.
22/04/13RussiaGrainsAll2011.07TradeExport banExport ban on grains lifted.
22/04/13RussiaGrainsAll2011.07Production Financial instrument for risk managementFederal Law on the State Support of Agricultural Insurance approved, increasing guarantees of compensation payments [...]
22/04/13TanzaniaGrainsMaize2011.07Production Government procurement from farmersTZS 17.6 billion (USD 11 million) allocated for the purchase of 200 000 tonnes of [...]
22/04/13UkraineGrainsWheat2011.07Consumption and marketing Price controlSelling price of wheat flour produced from state reserves increased. Wheat flour premium class price [...]
22/04/13ZimbabweGrainsMaize2011.07Consumption and marketing Food distribution/food vouchers50 000 tonnes of maize released from the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) for free distribution [...]
22/04/13AzerbaijanGrainsWheat2011.07TradeImport tariff VAT (18 percent) on imported wheat, rye and flours re-imposed, previously removed in December 2010. [...]
22/04/13AzerbaijanGrainsRye2011.07TradeImport tariff VAT (18 percent) on imported wheat, rye and flours re-imposed, previously removed in December 2010. [...]
22/04/13BangladeshGrainsWheat2011.07StocksIncreasing stocksGovernment tenders issued to import 50 000 tonnes of wheat and 50 000 tonnes of non-basmati [...]
22/04/13IndiaGrainsWheat2011.07Trade Export quotaExport quota of 650 000 tonnes of wheat products approved, including flour and semolina, until [...]
22/04/13KenyaGrainsWheat2011.07Trade Import tariff Duty free import of wheat approved for one year, starting from July 2011.
22/04/13ZimbabweGrainsAll2011.06Production Minimum price on food staple food commoditiesProducer price set at USD 285 per tonne for maize and all grains. The Grain [...]
22/04/13GuatemalaGrainsMaize2011.06Trade Duty-free import extensionExtension of duty-free imports of maize beyond 21 June 2011 deadline – until the end [...]
22/04/13IndiaGrainsWheat2011.06Trade Trade agreementSupply of 250 000 tonnes of wheat from state reserves sent to Afghanistan, following [...]
22/04/13ArgentinaGrainsWheat2011.06TradeExport quotaAdditional 600 000 tonnes of wheat export approved from 2010-2011 crop.
15/04/13IndiaGrainsAll2011.06Consumption and marketingFood subsidiesAdditional allocation of 5.0 million tonnes of subsidized rice and wheat approved for distribution under [...]
22/04/13Taiwan province of ChinaGrainsMaize2011.05TradeImport tariff 50 percent tariff reduction on maize and soybeans imports (introduced in December 2010) extended [...]
22/04/13TanzaniaGrainsAll2011.05TradeExport banBan on food exports reintroduced for at least three months in order to limit price [...]
22/04/13UkraineGrainsWheat2011.05TradeExport quotaExport duties of 9 percent to replace export quotas from June to December 2011.
22/04/13UkraineGrainsAll2011.05TradeExport taxes Grains export quota system abolished and export taxes introduced: 9 percent for wheat – [...]
22/04/13VenezuelaGrainsMaize2011.05Production State market interventionProducer support price increased 30 percent for maize, rice and soybeans.
22/04/13ZambiaGrainsMaize2011.05Consumption and marketing Government procurement Food Reserve Agency (FRA) purchases 1.3 million tonnes of maize between June and October, following a [...]
22/04/13KenyaGrainsMaize2011.05Trade Import duty Import duty on maize and wheat, and taxes on kerosene and diesel removed in an [...]
22/04/13MoldovaGrainsWheat2011.05Trade Export ban Wheat export ban, in force since February 2011, lifted.
22/04/13MoroccoGrainsWheat2011.05Production Marketing interventionWheat storage subsidy of DH 2 per 100 kg (USD 0.25 per 100 Kg) for [...]
22/04/13MoroccoGrainsWheat2011.05Trade Import tariff 135 percent import tariff on soft wheat reintroduced, to support domestic production, with 80 percent [...]
22/04/13AlgeriaGrainsWheat2011.05TradeImport tariff Import tariff on durum wheat, in force since July 2010, suspended for an indefinite period [...]
22/04/13Republic of KoreaGrainsMaize and Wheat2011.04Production Institutional measureInternational grain procurement company set up in an effort to secure supply of staple farm [...]
22/04/13UkraineGrainsMaize2011.04TradeExport quota Maize export quotas abolished from July 2011.
22/04/13EgyptGrainsAll2011.04Consumption and marketing SubsidiesAdditional EGP 10 million (USD 168 million) allocated for food subsidies until the end [...]
22/04/13IndiaGrainsWheat2011.04Production State market interventionGovernment procurement price of wheat increased 4.5 percent to 11.7 rupees (USD 264) per tonne, to [...]
22/04/13SerbiaGrainsWheat2011.03TradeExport banThree-month ban on wheat export set until 15 July 2011, after record exports of wheat [...]
22/04/13United Arab EmiratesGrainsWheat2011.03Consumption and marketing Food subsidiesSubsidies set for rice and bread (wheat) in effort to curb inflation start in April [...]
22/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsAll2011.03StocksStock releaseTwo auctions resulted in sale of 1.1 million tonnes of wheat from government reserves, in [...]
22/04/13IndiaGrainsAll2011.03Production Productive asset infrastructureAdditional storage capacity for foodgrain in the rural sector created by new measures such as [...]
22/04/13KenyaGrainsMaize and Wheat2011.03Production Input subsidiesFarmers provided with subsidized fertilizers, with 50 kg bags available at KES 1100 (USD 12.8), [...]
15/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsAll2011.03Production Budgetary allocations, Production support2011 budgetary allocations to the agricultural sector raised by Yuan 130.48 billion (USD 20 [...]
15/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsAll2011.03Production Production targetTarget announced to preserve arable land over 1.818 billion mu (121 million hectares), in order [...]
22/04/13RussiaGrainsWheat2011.02Production Minimum price Minimum prices of milling wheat will cover average production costs through July 2011, under agreement [...]
22/04/13Republic of KoreaGrainsAll2011.02StocksFood stock policyWheat, soybeans and maize added to state reserves, in addition to rice, to secure their [...]
22/04/13Republic of KoreaGrainsMaize2011.02TradeImport tariff Import tariffs removed on maize, soymeal and 32 other items to ensure supply and control [...]
22/04/13TurkeyGrainsWheat2011.02TradeImport quota Wheat and oats 130 percent import tariff suspended until 1 May 2011.
22/04/13BangladeshGrainsWheat2011.02Consumption and marketing Food subsidiesFood grains sold by government at subsidized prices to 300 000 most vulnerable civil servants. [...]
22/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsAll2011.02Production Government procurementMajor state-linked grain buyers suspended purchases in order to combat food inflation.
22/04/13European UnionGrainsBarley and Wheat 2011.02TradeImport duty Import duties on low and medium quality wheat and feed barley suspended until 20 June [...]
22/04/13PakistanGrainsWheat2011.02ProductionMinimum price and government procurementWheat procurement target for 2011 set at 6.5 million tonnes, with a minimum support price [...]
22/04/13PeruGrainsMaize2011.02TradeImport tariff Import tariff removed on some food products including maize and rice, in order to stabilize [...]
22/04/13ArgentinaGrainsMaize and Wheat2011.02TradeExport quota Additional wheat and maize export quota, allowing 1 million tonnes of wheat and 7 million [...]
15/04/13BangladeshGrainsAll2011.02Consumption and marketingFood subsidiesSupplementary Fair Price Card programme launched to provide eligible households with up to 20 kg [...]
15/04/13BangladeshGrainsAll2011.02Consumption and marketingFood subsidiesTargeted distributions of foodgrains to fourth class government workers launched.
15/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsAll2011.02Production Production supportPackage of Yuan 12.9 billion (USD 2.0 billion) allocated for drought mitigation measures.
22/04/13RussiaGrainsAll2011.01Stocks Stock releaseAdditional 2 million tonnes of grains from intervention stocks released in regions hit by summer [...]
22/04/13Saudi ArabiaGrainsWheat2011.01StocksFood stock policyWheat reserves set to double over three years to ensure adequate domestic supplies.
22/04/13EthiopiaGrainsAll2011.01Consumption and marketing Price controlMaximum consumer prices established for 17 basic commodity items, including bread, rice, imported milk, pasta [...]
22/04/13LibyaGrainsWheat2011.01Trade Food tax and import tariff Taxes and custom duties removed on locally produced and imported food products, including wheat by-products, [...]
22/04/13MoroccoGrainsWheat2011.01Trade Import subsidySystem introduced to compensate milling soft wheat importers from January to April 2011, if prices [...]
22/04/13RussiaGrainsAll2010.12StocksStock releaseGrains totaling 1.3 million tonnes released from intervention stocks and will be sold at low [...]
22/04/13TurkeyGrainsWheat2010.12TradeImport quotaImport wheat quota of 1 million tonnes at a zero tariff rate allowed to the [...]
22/04/13UkraineGrainsAll2010.12TradeTaxVAT 20 percent refund for grain exporters eliminated from 1 July 2011.
22/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsAll2010.12StocksStock release and food subsidiesGrain reserve released 25 million tonnes of grain and soybeans to stabilize domestic prices
22/04/13MexicoGrainsMaize2010.12StocksSet up strategic reservePurchase of maize authorized in futures market to alleviate the impact of maize price increases [...]
22/04/13PakistanGrainsWheat2010.12TradeExport quota Private sector granted export licenses for 1 million tonnes of wheat, after export plans were [...]
22/04/13OmanGrainsWheat2010.11Consumption and marketingFood subsidiesWheat miller subsidies reintroduced in order to stabilize domestic flour prices
22/04/13MoroccoGrainsWheat2010.11Trade Import tariff Durum wheat 80 percent import tariff suspended until the end of 2010.
22/04/13ArgentinaGrainsMaize2010.11TradeExport quotaInitial export quota of 2011 maize crop set at 5 million tonnes.
22/04/13TanzaniaGrainsMaize2010.10TradeExport ban Ban on maize and maize flour exports dating from Jan 2009 lifted after good 2010 [...]
22/04/13UkraineGrainsBarley, Maize and Wheat2010.10TradeExport quotasExport quota of 500 000 tonnes for wheat, 200 000 for barley, and three million [...]
22/04/13China (Mainland)GrainsWheat2010.10Production Support priceMinimum support price for wheat raised by 5.5 percent
22/04/13IranGrainsWheat2010.09Trade Import banImports of several agricultural products, including wheat and rice, banned until December 2010, to support [...]
22/04/13MoroccoGrainsWheat2010.09Trade Import tariff Tariff on soft wheat imports suspended until 31 December 2010, in effort to ensure domestic [...]
22/04/13RussiaGrainsAll2010.08TradeExport banExport ban on wheat, wheat flour, barley, rye, rye flour and maize set to expire [...]
22/04/13PakistanGrainsWheat2010.08TradeExports suspensionPlanned exports of 2 million tonnes of wheat suspended after summer floods
22/04/13BangladeshGrainsWheat2010.07TradeImport quotaImports of 400 000 tonnes of wheat allowed to stabilize market prices
22/04/13EthiopiaGrainsAll2010.07Trade Export banExport ban on cereals lifted following good harvests and lower domestic prices.
22/04/13IndiaGrainsWheat2010.07Consumption and marketing Food subsidiesMore than 3 million tonnes of food grain distributed by government since May 2010 to [...]
22/04/13Bilateral/MultilateralGrainsWheat2010.03Trade Import tariff Wheat, rye and oats 5 percent import duty cancelled by the Customs Union of Kazakhstan, [...]
22/04/13Bilateral/MultilateralGrainsRye2010.03TradeImport tariff Wheat, rye and oats 5 percent import duty cancelled by the Customs Union of Kazakhstan, [...]
22/04/13Bilateral/MultilateralGrainsOats2010.03TradeImport tariff Wheat, rye and oats 5 percent import duty cancelled by the Customs Union of Kazakhstan, [...]

Disclaimer: The policy records included in the tool are based on publicly available information from both official and private sources. While efforts have been made to verify its content, FAO does not guarantee the full accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information and recommends to consult / refer to other FAO publications reporting policy developments, especially the Oilcrops Monthly Price and Policy Update, the Monthly News Report on Grains and the FAO Rice Market Monitor. The frequency of updates may differ across commodities.