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Hides, skins and leather products

World statistical compendium for raw hides and skins, leather and leather footwear 1998-2014
The detailed statistical data on production, utilization and trade of hides and skins, leather and leather footwear are preceded by eleven summary tables highlighting the salient features and changes which have taken place in the hides and skins and leather sub-sector.

Global hides and skins markets: a review and short-term outlook - November 2009
During much of 2008 and 2009 the global hides and skins market was deeply affected by the widespread economic downturn following the international financial crisis. Events began when, towards the end of 2008, markets for finished products were hit hard by a reduction in orders. The abrupt slowdown in global leather purchases and bleak prospects for demand was especially felt by important buyers of leather and related products, such as the shoes, the automobile and the furniture industries.

Global hides and skins market: review of 2004-2007 and prospects for 2008
The global leather supply chain grew tremendously over the period 1981 to 2006. The three main segments namely hides and skins, tanning and footwear contributed 12.06 percent, 30.09 percent and 57.85 percent respectively to the total global export bill. Growth was propelled by rapid expansion in the exports of light bovine leather, which increased by 700 percent while footwear rose by 363.89 percent. All categories registered growth of above 90 percent, except for the exports of goatskins, which declined by 76.97 percent in the same period.

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