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Fruits tropicaux

Smallholder participation in the tropical superfruits value chain: ensuring equitable share of the success to enhance their livelihood
The production and trade of tropical fruits generate income, improving the livelihoods and food security of producers, who are almost exclusively smallholders in developing countries.

Situation actuelle et perspectives à moyen terme pour les fruits tropicaux
Le présent document évalue la situation actuelle du marché des fruits tropicaux et fournit des projections à moyen terme allant jusqu'en 2014. Des tableaux statistiques figurent en annexe et un compendium donnant un ensemble de statistiques sur la production, les importations, les exportations, la consommation et les prix est disponible aussi en l'Internet (voir Compendium sur les fruits tropicaux).

Workshop on smallholder integration into tropical fruits value chain
5-6 July 2013, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
The workshop was a joint collaboration between FAO and International Tropical Fruits Network (TFNet). The workshop also referred to a current joint FAO and TFNet study on tropical fruit smallholders in Indonesia and Vietnam.

TFNet and the UPM Pilot Plant Course on Fruit Juice Processing
This course on Fruit Juice Processing is jointly organised by TFNet and the UPM Pilot Plant for would-be entrepreneurs. It covers practical aspects of fruit juice processing, including familiarisation with all processing equipment in the pilot plant and hands-on step-by-step practical session in the preparation of fruit purees, juices and cordials.

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