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Conference on commodity exchanges and their role in market development and transparency

In conjunction with the Joint Meeting of the 31st Session of the Intergovernmental Group on Grains and the 42nd Session of the Intergovernmental Group on Rice , a one-and-a-half day international conference on "Commodity Exchanges and their Role in Market Development and Transparency" was convened on Tuesday, 15 May (all day) and Wednesday 16 May (morning). The conference was organized jointly with the Union of Chambers and Exchanges of Turkey


Conference presentations

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  Commodity exchanges and derivatives markets (Ann Berg - Industry Expert)

  Global Cereal Production and Trade Volumes (Ali Arslan Gurkan - Chief Trade and Markets Service, FAO)

  Commodity trading in Turkey and challenges to viable derivatives contracts (Kıvılcım Metin-Özcan - Bilkent University)

  China's commodity exchanges (Xiqui Li - China National Grain and Oils Information Center, Beijing, China)

  India: developing a new ecosystem for agricultural trade, risk management and finance (Lamon Rutten - Joint Managing Director of Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd -MCX)

  Cereal markets in the Former Soviet Union - Why commodity and derivative markets are needed (Alex Belozertsev - Industry Expert)

  Innovative mechanisms in Latin American and Caribbean commodities exchanges (Leonela Santana Boada - UNCTAD)

  The relevance of export driven derivatives markets for South American producers (Jorge Westcamp, Chairman - ROFEX)

  Improving the functioning of commodity markets in developing countries - Practical experience (Andrey Kuleshov - CFC)

  Developmental Challenges of Commodity Exchanges in Africa (Ian Goggin - Industry Expert)

  PACDEX (Anthony Adendorff - Industry expert)

  Market-based Risk Management and Insurance for Developing Countries (Alexander Sarris - Former Director, Trade and Markets Division, FAO)

  The new order of global derivatives trading (Adam Gross - UNCTAD)

  Future of agricultural trading on mega-exchanges (James Cashman - CBOT)


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