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Symposium: Dairy value chains and comparative marketing systems

Rome, FAO Headquarters, 15 November 2006

In conjunction with the 21st Session of the FAO Intergovernmental Group on Meat and Dairy Products a symposium entitled "The Dairy Value Chain and Comparative Marketing Systems" was held to provide experts and policy makers the opportunity to discuss important issues affecting the international dairy industry.


1. The Dairy Value Chain and Comparative Marketing Systems: An Overview (Philippe Jachnik - ATLA)

2. Marketing Systems, Prices and Income Shares along the Value Chain (Thorsten Hemme - IFCN)

3. Marketing Systems and Growth: A comparative analysis (Alejandro Galetto - Sancor)

4. Marketing Systems and Development: The role and future of informal dairy markets in Developing Countries (Steve Staal - ILRI)

5. What is the future for dairy policy? - Pressures and Opportunities (Tony Bennett, Merritt Cluff, and Carlos DaSilva - FAO )