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The aim of the Tea Forum is to improve interaction and effectiveness at all levels within the tea industry. It provides a space where members may discuss, interact and exchange knowledge on tea - from its production, trade and prices to consumption and benefits on health.

The Forum is facilitated by the Secretariat of the IGG/Tea of FAO's trade and markets division. The Forum is made up of a public space which is open to all registered members, and private spaces which are open to members of the various working groups of the IGG/Tea.

Why become a member of the Tea Forum?

Membership to the Forum allows you to:

► Participate in the on-line discussions to share knowledge and address issues of the tea industry

► Disseminate information on tea

► Obtain information on issues related to tea

While the moderator will participate in posting threads in which the community may be interested, the Forum relies heavily on the active participation of its community. 

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