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Meetings and events

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AMIS - First meeting of the Rapid Response Forum

11 Apr 2012 -

Mexico City

This first meeting of the AMIS Rapid Response Forum reviewed and finalized the Rapid Response Forum Concept Paper, considered the market situation and outlook for the AMIS commodities and elected the new AMIS Chair.

Climate change in Morocco - Coordination workshop

28 Mar 2012 -

Rabat, Morocco

The meeting covered a review of the team conceptual work and the ways to reconcile approaches across the disciplines to ensure a maximum level of integration across the methodology components: technical, economic and socio-institutional. The meeting also evaluated means to effectively share information among experts.

Dialogue on securing food in uncertain markets: Challenges for poor, net food-importing countries

23 Mar 2012 -

Geneva, Switzerland

Held jointly with the ICTSD. This dialogue will be an opportunity for negotiators, policy-makers and experts to discuss issues related to the challenges of safeguarding food security, with a view to identifying remedial actions.

Second Conference of the World Banana Forum

28 Feb 2012 - 29 Feb 2012


Experts from all over the world shared the latest findings on sustainable practices in banana production and trade. In addition, the Conference hosted the global meeting of women banana workers organized by the WBF's working group on Labour Rights (WG03).

AMIS - Meeting of the global food market information group

09 Feb 2012 - 10 Feb 2012

FAO Headquarters, Rome

This first meeting of the AMIS Global Food Market Information Group aims to review procedures and tools that individual country members use for drawing national supply and demand balances for AMIS commodities and establish the bases for an agreed methodology.