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Meetings and events

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Joint Meeting of the IGG on Grains (32nd session), the IGG on Rice (43rd session) and the IGG on Oilseeds, Oils and Fats (30th session)

04 Nov 2009 - 06 Nov 2009

Santiago, Chile

FAO’s IGG meetings on Oilseeds, Oils and Fats, Grains and Rice provide a unique venue for FAO member government officials to meet and discuss current and prospective aspects of their respective markets.

First meeting of the World Banana Forum

07 Sep 2009 - 08 Sep 2009

FAO Headquarters, Rome

The aims of this meeting was to reach a common understanding of the key issues facing the banana sector and prioritize them, and to establish a permanent forum that will facilitate the sharing of information, ideas and best practices among the stakeholders of the banana sector and coordinate the working [...]

22nd Session of the Intergovernmental Group on meat and dairy products

06 May 2009 - 08 May 2009

Asunción, Paraguay

As with recent IGGs, a symposium will be held during this period to provide important technical input for the IGG’s consideration. Accordingly, an informal international symposium on the topic “Mitigating green house gas emissions from animal production: A policy agenda”.

Symposium: Mitigating green house gas emissions from animal production: A policy agenda

06 May 2009 - 07 May 2009

Asunción, Paraguay

In conjunction with the 22nd Session of the FAO Intergovernmental Group on Meat and Dairy Products a symposium was held to provide experts and policy makers the opportunity to discuss important issues affecting the international meat and dairy industries.

Symposium on Natural Fibres

20 Oct 2008 -

FAO Headquarters, Rome

2009 was the International Year of Natural Fibres. The central objective of the year was to promote the use of natural fibres in current and novel applications, thereby contributing to increased levels of income for fibre producers, processors and traders, while at the same time contributing to the increased use [...]