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Special and Differential Treatment in the WTO Agriculture Negotiations: A Joint FAO-ICTSD Informal Expert Consultation

27 Sep 2004 - 28 Sep 2004

Geneva, Switzerland

This joint FAO-ICTSD Consultation presented a timely opportunity to discuss the key issues, factors and methods enabling developing countries to build on the elements of S&DT contained in the General Council Decision, translate them into concrete modalities, and phrase them effectively and meaningfully within the WTO context.

Meeting on voluntary standards and certification in environmentally and socially responsible agricultural production and trade

21 Apr 2004 -

FAO Headquarters, Rome

Over 120 participants from all over the world gathered to discuss issues related to the promotion of environmentally and socially sustainable agricultural practices. The meeting was held in close collaboration and back-to-back with the final conference of the SASA project held at FAO on 21 April 2004.

Seminar: Producing and exporting organic fruit and vegetables in Asia

03 Nov 2003 - 05 Nov 2003

Bangkok, Thailand

The objective of this seminar was to assist Asian countries in the production and exports of organic fruits and vegetables.

Third International Sugar conference

10 Oct 2002 - 12 Oct 2002

Maputo, Mozambique

The theme for the third international sugar conference organized by the Sugar and Beverages Group (ESCR) was Sugar and Development in Africa and the World: Sustainability, Diversification and Trade. The Conference opened with a global perspective of sugar and development, on-going policy reforms and structural adjustments.

FAO Geneva round tables, symposia and workshops

02 Oct 2002 -


The experience with implementing the WTO agreement on agriculture and special and differential treatment to enable developing countries to effectively take account of their development needs, including food security and rural development