Trade and markets

Committee on Commodity Problems

The Committee on Commodity Problems (CCP) was established in 1949, and has continued to meet regularly. In 1957 the CCP became a Committee of the Council. At present, the Committee normally holds one session per biennium, additional sessions are held if required, and is open to all FAO Members.

The terms of reference of the Committee include:
• To keep under review international commodity problems affecting production, trade, distribution and consumption, and related economic issues;
• To prepare a factual and interpretative survey of the world commodity situation, which is made available to Member Nations; and
• To report and submit suggestions to the Council on policy issues arising out of its deliberations, and to make these reports, and those of its Subsidiary Bodies, available to Member Nations.

Intergovernmental Groups

The subsidiary intergovernmental groups (IGGs) of the Committee were established to focus on trade issues for individual commodities. Coverage has shifted over time to reflect changing market and institutional factors affecting commodities – from distribution issues to new emerging issues, such as surplus and price volatility.

Producing and consuming countries take part in the IGGs forums for intergovernmental consultation and exchange on trends in production, consumption, trade and prices of key commodities, including regular appraisal of the global market situation and short-term outlook. The IGGs consider changes in policies and examine their effects relating to the current and prospective market situation. read more...


70th Session
6-8 October 2014
FAO Headquarters, Rome