Trade and markets

The regional workshop on WTO transparency in Agriculture and Fisheries

November 21–22, 2019 | Tbilisi, Georgia

The regional workshop was aimed at strengthening national capacities in applying agrifood trade rules in a transparent manner. Specifically, the workshop’s participants improved their understanding of trade rules; learned to use tools and approaches to ensure transparency in agricultural trade as well as fishery subsidies; they received hands-on instructions on transparency requirements under the Agreement on Agriculture; discussed related concerns and challenges in preparing notifications to the WTO; and were familiarized with advanced features of the information management system Ag-IMS. Participants were also informed about international activities in achieving SDGs in fisheries and improved their understanding of related complexities at the national level. In addition, they expanded their professional network and established contacts with experts from the WTO Secretariat and FAO, and colleagues from other countries.

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