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Meetings and events

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National workshop on banana production and trade in the context of climate change in Ecuador

21 Jan 2014 - 22 Jan 2014

Guayaquil, Ecuador

This workshop is part of a technical assistance by FAO to Ecuador on banana production and trade under changing climate. It offers an opportunity for experts to present their findings from climate impact assessments on banana in Ecuador.

Trade and market policy for food security: A challenge for trade negotiations - Trade and Development Symposium

04 Dec 2013 -


Side event to be held during the Ninth WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali, from 3 to 6 December 2013 and as part of the Trade and Development Symposium

Support to Russian agriculture in the context of WTO membership: Issues and possible solutions

20 Nov 2013 - 21 Nov 2013

Belgorod, Russia

The main objectives of the workshop are to identify and discuss the key areas of concern facing the agriculture sector in relation to the commitments on agricultural subsidies made on accession to the WTO.

Regional Training Workshop for CIS countries: WTO accession and agricultural policy

12 Nov 2013 - 13 Nov 2013

Kiev, Ukraine

The training workshop will facilitate a greater understanding and implementation of the multilateral trading rules for agriculture as well as the agricultural trade commitments assumed by the CIS countries in the context of the WTO accession.

Global food production under climate change and increased supply variability: Implications for trade policy and food security

05 Nov 2013 - 06 Nov 2013

FAO Headquarters, Rome

The consultation will feature a number of top experts in biophysical and economic modelling on climate change who will report and exchange on their latest research findings on climate change impacts on future agricultural/food supply shifts at global and regional levels.