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Citrus Symposium 2001

14 May 2001 - 17 May 2001

Beijing, People’s Republic of China

The symposium examined issues related to the production and trade of citrus fruit, from marketing, imports and exports, consumption, and market extension.

Second International sugar conference

07 Dec 1999 - 09 Dec 1999


The theme of the Conference was "Sugar: Sustainability in the 21st Century - Outlook to 2005 and Inter-Regional Competitiveness," and the many speakers explored the various dimensions of this sustainability and the factors influencing the longer term profitability of sugar.

Advisory Consultation on ACP Sugar Policy and Trade

13 Sep 1999 - 14 Sep 1999

M'babane, Swaziland

The aim of the meeting was to provide a sound analytical base for complex sugar policy and trade issues, identify options which would assist in formulating strategies aimed at maintaining and/or improving economic and social welfare gains in member countries.

Fiji/FAO Asia Pacific Sugar Conference

29 Oct 1997 - 31 Oct 1997


The conferecne covered a range of issues and included country studies for the major regional producers and consumers; the quantitative outlook to 2005; the impact of trade liberalisation on the world sugar market; and a discussion on the nurtitional aspects of sugar. 

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