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International commodity prices database - help

Select database inquiry parameters

(a) Inquiry Parameter Selection
From the list boxes, select the Commodity, Report type and Year parameters to define your database select statement. You can select a set of one or more commodities. The selected commodities have to belong to the same price type group, that is weekly or monthly prices. You are not allowed to select weekly prices commodities together with monthly price commodities. Then, you are allowed to select only one report type at time for each query. Finally, you can select years (one or more), but only for the last three (weekly prices) or two (monthly prices) report types shown in the list.

You must select at least one value for each parameter - Commodity, Report Type and Year (when required).

(b) Multiple Parameter Selection
While selecting inquiry parameters you may use the following standard Windows selection keys:

To make multiple parameter selections, hold down the <ctrl> keyboard key while selecting parameters with the left mouse button. Re-selecting a selected parameter while holding down the <ctrl> key will remove the parameter from the selection list.

To select a continuous list of parameters, select the first parameter in the list and while holding down the <shift> key, select the last parameter of the selection list. To perform the same task you may also click the left mouse button on the first item of the list and, while holding the mouse button down, drag the mouse over the range of values to select.

Select output options

Lines per Page: The number of lines in the output Table after which the table header is shown again as it was a new screen page.

Submit Inquiry, Reset

Submit Inquiry Button: When entered the database query definition is submitted to the CIWP Application and Database for execution.

Reset Button: When entered clears all extraction parameter selections.