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Portal on organic fruit and vegetables

Publications and reports

Certification in the value chain for fresh fruits: the example of banana industry
Certification to voluntary standards is increasingly used by banana producers and exporters worldwide. This report deals with voluntary certification schemes, with a particular focus on those that use an on product label targeting consumers and have the potential to generate a price premium.

Organic certification schemes: managerial skills and associated costs
This paper studies alternative certification schemes for organic products in order to draw conclusions regarding the institutional support and technological development required for compliance with organic standards. It discusses third party certification, for both individuals and farmer groups, as well as participatory certification.

Economic and financial comparison of organic and conventional citrus-growing systems in Spain
This study was conducted for two citrus crops (oranges and mandarins) in the Valencia region, Spain, in 2000.

World markets for organic citrus and citrus juices
Current market situation and medium-term prospects. The world market for certified organic citrus (fresh and juice) is presently small and production accounts for less than 1 percent of global citrus production.

World markets for organic fruit and vegetables - opportunities for developing countries in the production and export of organic horticultural products
This study focuses on fresh certified organic fruit and vegetables (both temperate and tropical). For some countries where other organic products (e.g. processed and frozen vegetables) are of significant importance, short sections on these products are included.

Conferences and workshops

Seminar: Producing and exporting organic fruits and vegetables in Asia
3-5 November 2003
Bangkok, Thailand
The seminar focused on the market situation and outlook for organic horticultural products and on the ways in which Asian countries could take advantage of potential market opportunities.

Conference: Supporting the diversification of exports in the Caribbean/Latin American region through the developments of organic horticulture
8-10 October 2001
Trinidad and Tobago

This conference focused on the market situation and outlook for organic fruit and vegetables and on the ways in which countries in the Region can take advantage of potential market opportunities.

Intergovernmental Group: Organic and fair-trade bananas and environmental and social certification in the banana sector
11-15 December 2003
Puerto de la Cruz, Spain

This report briefly reviews the main environmental and social issues in banana production and trade and introduces the certification programmes that have arisen in response.