Trade and markets
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Rice projects

In 1991, the Intergovernmental Group (IGG) on Rice was designated as International Commodity Body (ICB) for supervision of projects supported by the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) on rice.

There is a call for priority to be given to: increasing the production of paddy rice, especially in rice/food deficit countries; reducing post harvest losses for increasing the availabilities of milled rice; and improving the system of distribution, marketing and transport of rice, both at the national and international level, to facilitate people's access to the cereal.

In addition, to prevent an outflow of rural labour force, particularly those engaged in rice farming, the incomes of farmers would have to be raised. This would, in turn, encourage better husbandry of the soil and greater ability to cope with longer- term problems relating to sustainability and environment. Increasing the income of traders and millers involved in the various stages of rice production, processing and trade would provide the incentives needed for re-investment in the rice industry, and would encourage the adoption of improved technologies to meet the preferences of consumers in high income countries. 

Finally, to promote greater stability in the world rice market and security of external supplies for importing countries, special technical assistance would have to be given to developing countries, which account for the bulk of the world exports of rice, to expand their sales to foreign markets.