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Publicaciones sobre yute y fibras duras

Alternative Applications for Sisal and Henequen
Proceedings of the seminar on Alternative Applications for Sisal and Henequen, held in Rome on 13 December 2000, provided a forum for the analysis and exchange of information between technical and market experts, with a view to evaluate the market potential for existing and, in particular, alternative applications for sisal and henequen.

Coir Processing Technologies
Improvement of drying, softening, bleaching and dyeing coir fibre/yarn and printing coir floor coverings. Coconut fibre, or coir, is a low-value by-product of coconut production. In most countries coir is discarded as waste, sometimes it is used as a fuel, in few instances it is processed into products.

Application of Natural Fibre Composites in the Development of Rural Societies
This is a previously unpublished (2001) report in which a strategy is introduced to increase the yield of the traditional fibre industry of rural societies.