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Oilcrops monthly price and policy update


The Oilcrops Monthly Price and Policy Update (MPPU) complements our bi-annual market reports.
These brief notes review the development of international prices for oilseeds, oils and meals as reflected by FAO's specific price indices and spot recent policy and market events - selected from a variety of sources - that are deemed important for the global oilseed economy.

The brief is issued in the second week of each month, for a total of 10 issues per year. It is posted on this page as well as sent to subscribers of the Oilcrops Market Network. It is available in English only.

To access the MPPU Policy Archive including dedicated search functions please click here.


Please be informed that – as of September 2021 and until further notice – the Monthly Price and Policy Update (MPPU) has been replaced with a shorter version that reviews only price developments, i.e. the customary coverage (every other month) of government policies and selected industry measures has been discontinued. Accordingly, also the searchable MPPU Policy Archive will no longer be updated. Instead, a review of key policy measures will continue to be provided twice a year in Fao's Food Outlook report as well as in a dedicated webpage.



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