Trade and markets

Publications on food aid

Food aid in the context of international and domestic markets and the Doha Round
FAO Trade Policy Brief No. 8

Food aid in the context of international and domestic markets and the Doha Round
FAO Trade Technical Note No. 8

The State of Food and Agriculture 2006

Economic controversies over food aid

Food aid in emergency response

An assessment of the developmental effectiveness of food aid  and the effects of its tying status
Clay Edward, Barry Riley and Ian Urey. Report to the Working Group on Aid effectiveness and Donor Practices of the DAC. (DCD/DAC/EFF (2004/9) Development Co-operation Directorate, OECD. Paris 2005

Multilateral mechanisms governing food aid and the need for an enhanced role of the CSSD in the context of the new WTO disciplines on agriculture
Konandreas Panos, Background paper presented at the FAO Informal Expert Consultation on food aid, Rome, 27- 28 January 2005.

The International Aid System 2005-2010: Forces For and Against Change
Andrew Rogerson with Adrian Hewitt and David Waldenberg, Overseas Development Institute, London, 2004.

Food Security Assessment
Agriculture and Trade Report No. (GFA15), Washington DC: USDA-ERS, 2004.

Food aid effectiveness: It’s the targeting, stupid!
Barrett, C.B., Strategy and Policy Division, World Food Programme working paper, 2003

Reforming food aid: Time to grasp the nettle
Edward Clay, Overseas Development Institute, London, 2000

Food aid's intended and unintended consequences

Food aid and livelihoods: challenges and opportunities in complex emergencies

Food aid as part of a coherent strategy to advance food security objectives

Food aid in response to acute food insecurity

Food aid: a primer

Beyond food aid in emergencies

Assessing the impact of food aid on recipient countries: a survey

Food aid after fifty years: recasting its role - FSN Forum

Food aid - the implications for food security in Africa - FSN Forum

Food aid and the right to food