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Publications sur jute et fibres dures

Alternative Applications for Sisal and Henequen
Proceedings of the seminar on Alternative Applications for Sisal and Henequen, held in Rome on 13 December 2000, provided a forum for the analysis and exchange of information between technical and market experts, with a view to evaluate the market potential for existing and, in particular, alternative applications for sisal and henequen.

Coir Processing Technologies
Improvement of drying, softening, bleaching and dyeing coir fibre/yarn and printing coir floor coverings. Coconut fibre, or coir, is a low-value by-product of coconut production. In most countries coir is discarded as waste, sometimes it is used as a fuel, in few instances it is processed into products.

Application of Natural Fibre Composites in the Development of Rural Societies
This is a previously unpublished (2001) report in which a strategy is introduced to increase the yield of the traditional fibre industry of rural societies.