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Publications on tropical fruits

Current Situation and Medium-Term Outlook for Tropical Fruits
This document provides an assessment of the current market situation and medium term projections to 2014 for tropical fruits. Statistical tables are annexed and a statistical compendium on production, imports, exports, consumption and prices is also available on the web (please see Tropical Fruits Compendium). The information used in this document was mainly compiled from the responses to a questionnaire on tropical fruits, supplemented by data from the FAO database, FAOSTAT. Secondary data from desk research were also considered.

Market Profile on Tropical Fruits in India
This study is devoted entirely to the major developments in supply, demand and trade of tropical fruits in India and the likely future prospects.

Market Segmentation of Major Avocado Markets
This study on the market segmentation of major avocado markets analyses the main features of transactions recorded in the two major avocado markets, the European Community (EC) and the United States (US), identifying factors which affect price formation. This provides an insight into the characteristics of the markets and the grounds in which major avocado markets are segmented. In turn, this can support export promotion and the identification of export strategies.

The Impact of Post-harvest Handling Losses
Considering that tropical fruit prices have generally been on a downward trend as supplies expanded, and supply chain management optimized, as an initial step, this document has been prepared in collaboration with the Tropical Fruits Network (TFNet) to outline the various issues in post harvest handling of tropical fruits that impact on the growers' economic returns.

Value Chain Analysis: A Case Study of Mangoes in Kenya
This study reviews fruit production and yield trends, mango production, marketing and processing of smallholders and traders along the mango value chain in Kenya. It also examines future development prospects.