From Protection to Production
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The programme

The Tigray Social Cash Transfer Program (SCTP) began in 2011 as a pilot cash transfer programme in Tigray province. The programme objectives are to reduce poverty, hunger and starvation in extremely poor and  labour-constrained households. All beneficiary households receive 9 USD per month, but additional money is provided to households with children and/or elderly dependents. On average households receive 17 USD per month.

The evaluation

The evaluation follows a two year mixed methods non-experimental design. It includes a quantitative and qualitative impact evaluation, an income multiplier study, a targeting study, and a process evaluation and costing study. In 2012 the quantitative survey was fielded covering 1,630 beneficiary households and 1,589 comparison non-beneficiary households in two woredas: Abi Adi and Hintalo Wajirat.

Key findings

Local economy

Local economy income multiplier of 1.35 in Abi Adi and 2.52 in Hintalo Wajirat.


Project briefs